Amazing Natural Medicines: A Modern and Scientific Guide to the Use of Diet, Vitamins, and Botanical Medicines

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AmazingNatural Lobay.jpg

Author: Douglas Lobay
Published: June 1998
Publisher: Apple Communications
Number of pages: 186 pages
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Product Description:

Amazing Natural Medicines is a modern and scientific guide to the use of diet, vitamins, minerals, botanical medicines and nutritional supplements in the treatment of common diseases. This book discusses 25 common ailments and provides modern, natural therapies that have been proven to help these conditions. A brief discussion of the condition is followed by conventional medical treatment. Then natural treatment, beginning with diet, vitamins and minerals, nutritional supplementation and botanical medicine is outlined. Each specific botanical medicine is discussed in detail. The book is fully referenced from current scientific research articles from around the world. You will learn how to: boost your immune system, alleviate anxiety and stress, decrease heartburn and stomach upset, enhance brain function and memory, ease premenstrual tension and menopause, have healthy kidneys and liver, improve eyesight and poor vision, improve bone health and arthritis, prevent migraine headaches, relieve irritable bowel and intestinal spasms, support your heart and cardivaschular system, treat common infections.