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Anger is an emotional response often associated with many disease processess, mental health issues, and can occur following social and physical stimuli. Although not a disease itself, anger can be a useful sign of the underlying emotional disturbance or the impact of a life event, social situation, or relationship.

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Associated Conditions

Anger may be a normal reaction to dealing with a chronic or acute disease. Anger is particularly common in the following conditions:

Inappropriate, uncontrolled amounts of anger may increase the risk of or exacerbate several conditions including:

Naturopathic Treatments

Article To Scream or Not to Scream? Anger expression v. anger catharsis , 2010 November NDNR [1]

It is important to identify the etiology of anger, and the root cause must be identified in order to reduce the feeling of anger. Treatment of the root cause of anger is the most important aspect of treatment. Specific Naturopathic Therapies for anger include:

  • It is important to express the anger and to determine the root cause of the anger.
  • For many people exercise is an effective way to dissipate feelings of anger.
  • Regular exercise is associated with decreased feelings of anger and overall increased feelings of satisfaction and enjoyment in life.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture - Anger is a common symptom used to identify disease patterns in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is most commonly associated with patterns affecting the Liver. Treatment principles commonly used to address anger include: Move Liver Qi Stagnation, Clear Liver Fire, Clear the Head [5]


Reviewed by Iva Lloyd, BScH, RPE, ND [2]

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