Better Health Through Natural Healing: How to Get Well Without Drugs or Surgery

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Author: Ross Trattler & Adrian Jones
Published: August 2004
Publisher: Hinkler Books
Number of pages: 512 pages
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Product Description

Alternative medicines and therapies are becoming more and more mainstream as they prove their effectiveness for all sorts of aliments. Patients and the wider medical community are embracing what are now accepted as bona fide treatments for a wide range of medical conditions.

First published in 1985, Better Health Through Natural Healing has become one of the most successful and authoritative compendiums of its type. This second edition has been fully revised and updated by Dr Ross Trattler, with the assistance of Adrian Jones ND, to encompass recent developments in holistic medicine and healing. The first part of the book clearly explains the principles and tools of natural medicine, including diet, spinal manipulation, botanical medicine, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and homoeopathy. The second part offers practical advice for the treatment of over 100 common diseases and ailments that families face.

This second edition of Better Health Through Natural Healing is an essential family resource that unites traditional and alternative techniques with time-tested natural treatments drawing on the body’s natural healing abilities

About the author:

Dr. Adrian Jones is a qualified, naturopathic physician; some of the most amazing studies he has undertaken have been in anatomy, physiology and biochemistry, which along with nutrition he also has taught at a local Academy of Natural Therapies. He has studied, practiced and taught massage therapies also.