Gemmotherapy Castanea vesca (Sweet chestnut)

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Castanea vesca, or Sweet chestnut is a rapidly growing deciduous tree that is native to Europe. This tree can grow as large as 98 feet tall and 49 feet wide. Chestnut timber has is often used for carpentry, turnery, props, basketry, fence posts, as well as fuel and shampoo.

Key notes

  • Lymph drainage/ lymph circulation[1]
  • Venous drainage

Therapeutic actions

  • Used principally for its affinity for the circulatory system (venous and lymphatic), mainly of the lower limbs
  • Fights against auto-intoxication of the body and spasmodic phenomena

Clinical indications

  • For trophic cutaneous disturbances, edema, varicosities and varices, venous flow disturbances due to contraceptives. Lymphatic stasis as in lymphedema post mastectomy, capillary fragility.
  • Good for the venous system. Indicated in congestive phenomenas, such as varicosities and circulatory stasis
  • Acts in-depth on edemas, cellulitis, the feeling of heaviness in the extremities


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