Dealing With Relatives (...even if you can't stand them) : Bringing Out the Best in Families at Their Worst

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Author: Kirschner, Rick, Brinkman Rick
Published: October 2002
Publisher: McGraw Hill
Number of pages: 192
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Product Description: Whether it's the overbearing mother-in-law, the complaining uncle, or just the brother who annoys you at Thanksgiving, here is expert advice on how to successfully deal with every kind of behavior or situation that families face.

Divided into three essential sections: Basic Training, Types of Behavior, and Tough Situations, Dealing with Relatives covers all the skills required to navigate ­­and survive­­dreaded gatherings and excruciating visits. From learning "The Art of the Apology," to understanding the personality types common to most families, Drs. Rick and Rick come to the rescue once again by applying their winning combination of savvy advice and quick wit, along with new insights, anecdotes, and appealing cartoons

About the Author:

Dr. Rick Kirschner and Dr. Rick Brinkman are naturopathic physicians, professional speakers, and trainers