Energize Your Life: A Three-Week Plan to Change the Way You Look, Feel

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Author: Bennett Peter, Barrie Stephen
Published: August 2005
Publisher: Bindu Health
Number of pages: 72
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Product Description:

Convinced that everyone can achieve better health and well-being easily and quickly, internationally recognized doctors Peter Bennett and Stephen Barrie reveal how to lose weight, boost energy and beat stress in their new book, Energize Your Life: A Three-Week Plan to Change the Way Your Look, Feel & Live. By showing the inter-relationship of diet, exercise and relaxation and combining a program using all three, these bestselling authors of 7-Day Detox Miracle show how a total "lifestyle makeover" is within everyone’s reach regardless of their present circumstances. Energize Your Life employs a simple daily program using wholesome foods and supplements to increase one’s energy, daily walking and stretching to lose weight and relaxation techniques to lower stress hormones for a better sleep and a refreshed outlook on life. Participants in the three-week program have succeeded in removing obstacles to a high energy life by eating right, losing weight and reducing stress.

After years of clinical observation, Bennett and Barrie noticed that their patients’ main concerns were regarding energy, weight and stress levels. After examining the results of treating these patients, the doctors found that all three of these problems were related. After combining a program of inter-related solutions to deal with inter-related problems, they noticed that these patients were improving faster than those who were just using single strategy solutions. In addition to improved energy, they improved quality of their sleep, experienced fat loss, increased muscle and improved fitness, lowered blood pressure, and had better glycemic control as well as a more relaxed attitude toward life. While the program requires an attitude of taking responsibility in one’s life, the authors tailored their daily plan to meet the needs of busy people who can complete the twenty-one day schedule without making special plans. Because it is an entirely natural approach, medical supervision is unnecessary and no prescription medicines are required.

About the author:

Peter Bennett, N.D. is a Naturopathic Physician with a practice in British Columbia, Canada. He is a board certified acupuncturist and a homeopathic practitioner. Stephen Barrie, N.D. is an international lecturer, and founder of the Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory. The wisdom in this book comes first hand - from working hand-in-hand with their own clients.

About the Author: