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Ficus carica or Fig, belongs to the Moraceae Family. This is a tree or shrub, according to its size, that is native to the Mediterranean. In the south, this tree may reach ten to twelve metres high, yet in the North, its size is much smaller with temperatures sitting between -8 and -15 degrees Celsius. Its trunk is covered with a smooth bark rich in corrosive latex and its wood is very flexible. The flowers of the fig are never seen because they grow within the young fruit.[1]

Key notes

Therapeutic actions

Clinical indications

  • Digestive system: used as a stomach drainer. Powerful for gastric and duodenal ulcers with dyspeptical pain and disturbances, diaphragmatic hernia, oesophageal dysphagia due to motor problems or caused by reflux or GERD
  • Nervous system: calming, induces sleep, stimulates dreams and calms thoughts. Useful for jetlag or for shift work.
  • Epilepsy, facial neuralgia, hyperventilation, insomnia. Post head injury, post-concussion syndrome, effective in migraines
  • Emotional: can regulate hormones. It acts in existential depression, neurosensorial balance, psychosomatic disorders, subjective syndromes, general state, and to restore mental health
  • Typical YIN remedy
  • Recommended in iron deficiency anemia, feeling of heavy head.


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