Natural Relief for Anxiety: Complementary Strategies for Easing Fear, Panic & Worry

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Author: Edmund J. Bourne, Arlen Brownstein, & Lorna Garano
Published: August 2004
Publisher: New Harbinger Publications
Number of pages: 213 pages
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Product Description

Each day our culture seems to breed more apprehension, and pharmaceutical companies spend billions every year developing psychoactive drugs. But there's no magic pill for the estimated 28 million North Americans with chronic anxiety. One of the few user-friendly books to offer a drug-free approach to overcoming anxiety, this guide discusses health conditions and natural treatments.

About the Author

The bestselling workbooks of Edmund J. Bourne, PhD, include The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook (37,000 copies sold in Canada) and Healing Fear. Arlen Brownstein, ND, is a naturopathic physician. Lorna Garano is a freelance writer and editor.