Rage Free kids: Homeopathic Medicine for Defiant, Aggressive, and Violent Children

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RageFree Ullman.jpg
Author: Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman & Robert Ullman
Published: September 15, 1999
Publisher: Prima Lifestyles
Number of pages: 352 pages
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Product Description

Although anger is a normal emotion, in certain children it can spiral out of control and become something much less manageable—rage. If your child exhibits bouts of uncontrollable anger, tantrums, aggression, or violence, you should know that there is a safe and effective treatment that is completely drug-free. In Rage-Free Kids, renowned homeopathic physicians Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman and Robert Ullman present a natural answer to extreme anger that has worked for over 1,500 challenging children. If you have a difficult child, this book is a must read.

About the Author

Robert Ullman is a licensed naturopathic physician and board certified in homeopathy. He is a co-founder of the Northwest Center for Homeopathic Medicine in Edmonds, Washington where he specializes in homeopathic family medicine.