Gemmotherapy Rubus fructicosus (Bramble)

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Rubus fructicosus or Blackberry, is found commonly in wastelands, ditches, ruins, old walls, and degraded land. It is a shrub of about three metres high and and invasive plant with thorny branches, often laid down. Its white or pink flowers grow in simple clusters and appear only on the branches of the previous year. The fruit of this plant is grouped on the receptacle, is edible, and is made from a single flower.[1]

Key notes

  • Degenerative conditions[2]
  • Pain
  • Anti-sclerotic

Therapeutic actions

  • Tonic, for long term use
  • Great remedy for the elderly
  • For degenerative conditions of the bone
  • For pain (analgesic property)
  • Anti-sclerotic throughout the body

Clinical indications


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