Gemmotherapy Syringa vulgaris (Lilac)

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Syringa vulgaris or Lilac is a shrub that can only reach up to five meters in height. It is characterized by a single trunk, simple and bare, with a height of four meters. This shrub consists of several hardwood branches with a dark-gray bark. The leaves are deciduous and opposite, stalked, smooth, and oval shaped. Its very fragrant flower is a purple-lilac flower panicle, rarely white, with fruits that consist of oblong capsules that are smooth, leathery and pointed.[1]

Key notes

Therapeutic actions

  • Cardiovascular properties- provides heart drainage and combats coronary spasms. Vascular antispasmodic
  • Increases coronary artery circulation by producing vasodilation
  • Used with other gemmotherapeutics

Clinical indications


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