Gemmotherapy Tamarix gallica (Tamarisk)

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Tamarix gallica or Tamarisk, is a tree native to the Mediterranean, adapted to heat and drought. It is found all the way to Japan and Northern China. The Tamarix gallica can grow up to five to eight meters high. It has pink flowers which are very small and numerous, arranged in cylindrical spikes with four to five petals. The bark is brittle and breaks easily[1]

Key notes

  • Stimulates bone marrow production[2]
  • Hypercoagulant (increases blood clotting)

Therapeutic actions

Clinical indications

  • Blood: anemia of many types. Hypochromic anemia, erythropenia
  • Bleeding conditions: Uterine fibroids with hemorrhaging, menorrhagia, rectal bleeding, epistaxis
  • Immune: Mononucleosis


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