The Complete Doctor's Healthy Back Bible: A Practical Manual for Understanding, Preventing and Treating Back Pain

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Author: Stephen C. Reed, Penny Kendall-Reed, Michael Ford, & Charles Gregory
Published: May 1, 2004
Publisher: Robert Rose
Number of pages: 288 pages
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Product Description

A practical manual for treating back pain.

Nearly 80% of all adults experience low back pain during their lifetime. This painful condition, until recently, has been poorly understood and inadequately managed. Current research, however, has identified pathways and causes for low back pain. Imaging and other diagnostic tests have improved treatment and there have been tremendous advances in minimally invasive interventions and surgery.

The Complete Doctor's Healthy Back Bible summarizes current information on low back pain, both acute and chronic. It also explains the diagnostic tests now available and most importantly, when they are actually useful. Full coverage of traditional and complementary therapies, with supporting research, is included. Special sections on chronic pain and surgical intervention are covered in an easy-to-understand format.

The Complete Doctor's Healthy Back Bible offers insight into this condition and suggests diagnosis and appropriate intervention with the many treatment options available.

About the Author

Dr. Stephen Reed, BM, BCh, MA, MSc, FRCSC is an orthopedic surgeon and a graduate of Oxford University Medical School. He obtained specialty fellowship surgical training in England, Australia and at the Orthopedic and Arthritic Hospital in Toronto, Canada. He has been published extensively in orthopedic literature.

Penny Kendall-Reed, BSc, ND is a Naturopathic Doctor and appears regularly on television and radio across North America addressing various health issues.

Dr. Michael Ford, FRCSC is an orthopedic spine surgeon.