50 Ways to Control Migraines : Proven Relief for Adult, Adolescent, and Child Migraine Suffers (50 Ways...Series)

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Author: Ceabert Griffith
Published: July 30, 2002
Publisher: McGraw Hill
Number of pages: 176 pages
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Product Description:

More than 30 million Americans suffer the debilitating physical and emotional pain of migraines. If you are one of these sufferers, you can break free from the cycle of pain and regain control of your life thanks to 50 Ways to Control Migraines.

Packed with straightforward strategies for understanding, preventing, and managing migraines, this comprehensive guide covers everything from environmental, psychological, hormonal, and dietary factors to treatment options, both traditional and alternative.

You'll find reassuring, scientifically sound advice on everything related to chronic headache pain, including how to:

Recognize the signals and symptoms of migraine headaches Understand the impact of pregnancy, menstruation, and menopause on migraine pain Identify your migraine triggers--diet, stress, social habits, and more Change your lifestyle to reduce the frequency, intensity, and duration of your migraines Determine when you should or shouldn't take headache drugs Evaluate alternative treatments including acupuncture, homeopathy, massage, and herbal therapy Receive health-insurance reimbursement for migraine care Armed with the information in this book and the guidance of your health-care provider, you can effectively conquer your migraines. You'll once again become an active participant in life, reestablishing focus at school and work, resurrecting your social life, and renewing relationships.

About the Author:

Ceabert J. Griffith, N.D., P.A.-C. is a doctor of natural medicine and the former director of the U.S. Air Force Health and Wellness Center in Japan. He has written extensively on medical topics.