A.D.D.: The Natural Approach

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Author: Anderson Nina, Peiper Howard, Bell Rachel
Published: March 2007
Publisher: Safe Goods Packaging
Number of pages: 40
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Product Description:

NATURAL TREATMENTS FOR A.D.D. ARE A REALITY! Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.) crosses every socio-economic class in America. Everyone knows someone who has it, has had it, or is being tested for it. Since no one knows exactly what the dysfunction is, where it comes from, or how to cure it, it seems reasonable to explore all types of treatment. Drug treatments are well known. A.D.D. The Natural Approach tells us about the pitfalls of using drug treatments on people with attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity. Are we creating a society of drug dependent children? The authors, Nina Anderson and Howard Peiper suggest alternatives. A.D.D. The Natural Approach gives the reader a choice. Masking the problem with drugs may serve to create drug dependence. David Winston, Herbalist says, Most often our society is the cause of ADD and ADHD. We feed our children nutritionless pseudo-foods, artificial colors, preservatives and allergenic foods, sit them in front of constant stimulating images of TV and video games and then expect them to sit quietly throughout the school day. We may have created this disease in ourselves and by following the author s suggestions, we may not only lessen the symptoms, but eliminate the problem completely. This book is for the skeptic as well as the believer in natural healing. It makes sense and the information within its covers could change your life and the life of your child

About the Author:

Nina Anderson is an International Sports Science Association certified Specialist in Performance Nutrition and a professional writer. She has been an active researcher in the alternative health field for over twenty years. Ms. Anderson has written over a dozen books on the subject of alternative health. Her most popular titles include Low Carb and Beyond and The Secrets of Staying Young.

Howard Peiper, ND is a doctor of naturopathic medicine. While beginning his career in optometry, he was immediately drawn to the field of alternative health. In 1972, he received his degree in Naturopathy. After a decade in private practice, Dr. Peiper moved on to become a successful consultant, speaker, and writer. Over the years, his cutting-edge articles have appeared in numerous medical journals and magazines. He also serves on the medical advisory board for several nutritional companies. Dr. Peiper has written several bestselling titles including The ADD & ADHD Diet! and New Hope for Serious Diseases. He is a frequent guest speaker on radio and television and has hosted his own shows including the award-winning TV show, Partners in Healing. Currently, Dr. Peiper lives in Southern California and continues to travel and lecture throughout the world.