Acid-Alkaline Food Chart

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The following food chart is part of the Acid-Alkaline Diet.

Most Alkaline More Alkaline Low Alkaline Lowest Alklaine FOOD CATEGORY Lowest Acid Low Acid More Acid Most Acid
baking soda spices, cinnamon herbs (most) Spices & Herbs curry vanilla nutmeg pudding, jam, jelly
lemons, limes, watermelon, persimmon, raspberry melons, grapes, kiwi, apples, pear, grapefruit, cantaloupe, honeydew, olives, dewberry, loganberry, mango avocado, blackberry, cherry, peach, papaya, nectarine oranges, apricot, blueberry, raisin, currant, grape, strawberries, bananas, pineapple, pineapple juice, avocados Fruits coconut, guava, pickled fruit, dry fruit, figs, persimmon, juice, cherimoya, dates, rhubarb plums, processed fruit juices, prune tomatoes sour cherries, rhubarb, cranberry, pomegranate
lentils, broco-flower, seaweed, onion, miso, daikon, taro root, sea veggies, burdock, lotus root, sweet potato, yam kohlrabi, parsnips, garlic, asparagus, kale, parsley, endive, argula, mustard greens, ginger root, broccoli potato, bell pepper, mushroom, fungi, cauliflower, cabbage, rutabaga, salsify, ginseng, eggplant, pumpkin, collard greens brussel sprouts, beet, chive, cilantro, celery, okra, cucumber, turnip greens, squashes, lettuces Vegetables, Beans, Legumes, Pulses & Roots spinach, fava beans, kidney beans, black-eyed peas, string & wax beans, zucchini, chutney tofu, split pea, tempeh, pinto beans, white beans, navy & red beans, adzuki beans, lima beans, mung beans, chard green pea, peanut, snow pea, legumes(other), carrots, chick pea, garbanz soy bean, carob
olive oil flax seed oil primrose oil, cod liver oil avocado oil, canola oil, coconut oil, olive oil, linseed oil, flax oil Oils corn oil, oils of: pumpkin seed, grape seed, sunflower, pine nuts, canola almond oil, sesame oil, safflower oil chestnut oil, palm kernel oil
pumpkin seed poppy seeds, cashews, chestnuts, pepper sesame seeds, almonds, sprouts seeds (most) Nuts, Seeds & Sprouts tapioca, seitan or tofu pistachio seed, pecans, lard cottonseed, oilmeal, hazelnuts, walnuts, brazil nuts
oats, grain coffee, quinoa, wild rice, japonica rice Grains, Cereals & Grasses millet, kasha, triticale, amaranth, brown rice buckwheat wheat, spelt, teff, kamut, farina, semolina, white rice maize, barley groats, corn, rye, oat bran barley
Fowl wild duck goose, turkey chicken
Meats gelatin, organs lamb, mutton pork, veal beef
Game venison boar, elk bear pheasant
Fish & Shellfish fish shellfish, mollusks mussels, squid lobster
quail eggs duck eggs Eggs chicken eggs
human breast milk Cow/Human yogurt aged cheese new cheeses ice cream, homogenized milk
breast milk ghee (clarified butter) Processed Dairy cream, butter cow milk, goat milk casein, milk protein, cottage cheese processed cheese
almond milk Non-Dairy rice milk soy cheese soy milk
sea salt, mineral water, herb teas, lemon water kambucha green or mu tea ginger tea Preservatives & Beverages MSG, tea, kona coffee benzoate, black tea, alcohol aspartame, coffee table salt, beer, yeast, hops, malt, soft drinks
stevia molasses rice syrup raw honey, raw sugar, sucant Sweeteners honey, maple syrup stevia saccharin sugar, cocoa
soy sauce apple cider vinegar umeboshi vinegar Vinegars rice vinegar balsamic vinegar

white acid vinegar