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This test is used for the diagnosis and follow-up of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). [1]


  • Anti-ds antibody is a type of anti-DNA antibody, which itself is a subtype of the antinuclear antibodies (ANAs).
  • Anti-DNA antibody is found in roughly 65% to 80% of patients with active SLE, and rarely in patients with other diseases.
  • Low to intermediate levels of this antibody may be found in patients with other rheumatic diseases.
  • Near-negative values can be seen in patients with dormant SLE.

Patient Preparation

  • No fasting required.
  • Factors which can cause increased levels
  • Drugs:hydralazine and procainamide
  • Factors which can cause decreased levels
  • None noted

Clinical Implications

High levels indicate:

Associated Tests


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