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Author Title Issue Type
Hoffer A Editorial: An Historical Note 1989, Vol4(4) Editorial
Roza Radulescu, Jozef Krop, Anca Radulescu, Florin Radulescu Clinical Data and a Therapeutic Approach to Patients with Chronic Epstein-Barr Virus Syndrome: CEBVS Case Study 1989, vol4(4) Review
Jerri Spalding Fredin New Hope for People with Epilepsy 1989, vol4(4) Review
Van Tiggelen CJM Nutritional Aspects of Senile Dementia of the Alzheimer Type (SDAT) 1989, vol4(4) Review
William H Replogle, FJ Eicke Megavitamin Therapy in the Reduction of Anxiety and Depression Among Alcoholics 1989, vol4(4) Review
Harold Kelm, Alan Kelm A Further Study of the Validity of the Hoffer-Osmond Diagnostic Test 1989, vol4(4) Review
Dr A Dunne Some Effects of the Quality of Light on Health 1989, vol4(4) Review
Hoffer A The Fluoride Controversy: The First Forty Years 1998, Vol4(3) Editorial
Harold D Foster Selenium and Health: Insights from the People's Republic of China 1998, Vol4(3) Review
Don C Hemingway Smoking and Hypoglycemia 1998, Vol4(3) Review
Jaro Pleva Corrosion and Mercury Release from Dental Amalgam 1998, Vol4(3) Review
David Lester Tryptophan Intake and National Rates of Suicide and Homicide 1998, Vol4(3) Review
David L Watts The Nutritional Relationships of the Thyroid 1998, Vol4(3) Review
Robert Buist Elevated Xenobiotics, Lactate and Pyruvate in C.F.S. Patients 1998, Vol4(3) Review
Dr GE Schuitemaker Glycosylation: A New Cross-Linking Process 1998, Vol4(3) Review
William J Faber A Review of Neural Therapy - Rapid Therapeutic Response for Nerve and Fascial Lesions 1998, Vol4(3) Review
Hoffer A This is What They Said About Medical Mavericks 1989, Vol4(2) Editorial
Ian H Noriel, Harold D Foster Water Quality and Cancer of the Digestive Tract: The Canadian Experience 1989, Vol4(2) Review
Dwight Kalita A New Treatment for Congenital Nonprogressive Nemaline Myopathy 1989, Vol4(2) Review
Laraine C Abbey Functional Nutrient Deficiency in Chronically Multi-symptomatic People — A Pilot Study 1989, Vol4(2) Review
Hoffer A A Case of Upper Motor Neuron Disease 1989, Vol4(2) Review
Hugh D Riordan, Emanuel Cheraskin, Marvin Dirks, Farhad Tadayon, Mavis Schultz, Penny Brizendine EDTA Chelation/Hypertension Study: Clinical Patterns as Judged by the Cornell Medical Index Questionnaire 1989, Vol4(2) Review
Garry M Vickar Ascorbic acid and mental depression 1989, Vol4(2) Review
David L Watts The Nutritional Relationships of Copper 1989, Vol4(2) Review
Garry M Vickar We Were First 1989, Vol4(2) Review
Joseph Campbell Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis 1989, Vol4(1) Editorial
Donald I Templer, Gordon G Cappelletty, Inge S Kauffman Schizophrenia and Multiple Sclerosis: A State to Continent Perspective 1989, Vol4(1) Review
Harold D Foster Multiple Sclerosis and Schizophrenia: Some Comments on Similarities in their Spatial Distributions 1989, Vol4(1) Review
Carl C Pfeiffer, Karin Swartz, Marie Arcaro Social Rehabilitation of the Post Psychotic Patient 1989, Vol4(1) Review
David L Watts The Nutritional Relationships of Chromium 1989, Vol4(1) Review
Hoffer A The Discovery of Vitamin C - Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, M.D., Ph.D. 1893 - 1986 to see what everyone else has seen, but think what no one else has thought 1989, Vol4(1) Review
Henry Turkel, Ilse Nusbaum A Case of Down Syndrome with Tourette Syndrome 1989, Vol4(1) Review
Dr GE Schuitemaker Germanium Data From Europe 1989, Vol4(1) Review
Robert A Buist Coming to Grips with a Cholesterol Problem 1989, Vol4(1) Review
Robert J McCaldon Somato-Psychic Disorders 1989, Vol4(1) Review
Joseph Campbell The Legitimacy of Hair Analysis 1988, Vol3(4) Editorial
Ray C Wunderlich Orthomolecular Medicine — Revisited 1988, vol3(4) Review
John P Cleary The Importance of Oxidant Injury as a Cause of Impaired Mitochondrial Oxidation in Diabetes 1988, vol3(4) Review
Hoffer A Adrenal Gland Grafts Cause Psychosis in Parkinsonism Patients 1988, vol3(4) Review
Gregory C Butler, Donald I Templer Correlates of Interhemisphere Transfer Task Performance in Schizophrenics 1988, vol3(4) Review
Robert Buist Avoiding Problems with Special Diets 1988, vol3(4) Review
Dr GE Schuitemaker Oxy-Cholesterols in Food 1988, vol3(4) Review
Eric R Braverman Medical History and the Holistic Perspective 1988, vol3(4) Review
David L Watts The Nutritional Relationships of Magnesium 1988, vol3(4) Review
James E Gilliam, David Unruh The Effects of Baker-Miller Pink on Biological, Physical and Cognitive Behaviour 1988, vol3(4) Review
Harold D Foster Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Iodine Deficiency: Geographical Evidence 1988, vol3(4) Review
Hoffer A The hypercholes-terolemic effect of nicotinic acid and its relationship to the autonomic nervous system. 1988, Vol3(3)
William Shaw Possible Synergistic Effects of Nonesterified Fatty Acids and Lysolecithins, a Toxic Methionine Metabolite, and Ammonia in the Production of Hepatic Encephalopathy and Schizophrenia 1988, Vol3(3) Review
David L Watts The Nutritional Relationships of Iron 1988, Vol3(3) Review
Stephen S Caiazza Neuropsychiatric AIDS and Neurosyphilis: Overlap 1988, Vol3(3) Review
Dr Christopher M Reading Family Tree Connection: How Your Past Can Shape Your Future Health : A Lesson in Orthomolecular Medicine 1988, Vol3(3) Review
Harold D Foster The Geography of Schizophrenia: Possible Links with Selenium and Calcium Deficiencies, Inadequate Exposure to Sunlight and Industrialization 1988, Vol3(3) Review
Erik T Paterson A Case of Thyroid Disease : A Lesson in Orthomolecular Medicine 1988, Vol3(3) Review
Dr GE Schuitemaker Spasmophilia 1988, Vol3(3) Review
Robert A Buist New Light on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 1988, Vol3(3) Review
Carl C Pfeiffer Types of Biochemical Imbalances in the Schizophrenias 1988, Vol3(2) Editorial
Alfred V Zamm Successful Treatment of Universal Reactors with Prophylactic Aspirin : A Preliminary Report 1988, Vol3(2) Review
Emanuel Cheraskin How Quickly Does Diet Make For Change? A Study of Electrocardiographic (T Wave Height) Findings 1988, Vol3(2) Review
Robert Buist Around The World - AIDS, Vitamin C and Egg Lecithin 1988, Vol3(2) Review
Dr GE Schuitemaker Nutrition and Behaviour 1988, Vol3(2) Review
Hoffer A Cataracts and Orthomolecular Treatment 1988, Vol3(2) Review
David L Watts The Nutritional Relationships of Zinc 1988, Vol3(2) Review
Ira R Berry, Lionel Borkan Advances in Alzheimer's Disease: A Report 1988, Vol3(2) Review
Hoffer A How Can Anything So Simple Help Something So Complicated? 1988, Vol3(1) Editorial
Catherine J Frompovich Perceived Legal Implications of the Decision in the Schneider v. Revici Case 1988, vol3(1) Review
Eric R Braverman, Edward Weissberg Fish Oil As One Therapy in Cardiovascular Risk Factor Reduction' 1988, vol3(1) Review
Jerome Lejeune Psychotic Behaviour and Folic Acid Medication Preliminary Report on Two Cases 1988, vol3(1) Review
Francois Abalan Alzheimer's Disease: The Nutritional Hypothesis 1988, vol3(1) Review
Dr GE Schuitemaker Around The World International Vitamin Convention in Switzerland 1988, vol3(1) Review
Buist RA New Light on Potentiation and Promotion of Tumour Growth 1988, vol3(1) Review
Mike Marlowe Hair Element Content of Native American Indian Children 1988, vol3(1) Review
Gerald R Faloona, Stephen a Levine The Use of Organic Germanium in Chronic Epstein-Barr Virus Syndrome (CEBVS): An Example of Interferon Modulation of Herpes Reactivation 1988, vol3(1) Review
Hoffer A Kinesiology 1987, Vol2(4) Editorial
Richard A Kunin Principles That Identify Orthomolecular Medicine, A Unique Medical Specialtye 1987, Vol2(4) Review
Hoffer A How to Study a Controversial Area in Medicine 1987, Vol2(4) Review
William H Philpott Metabolic Acidosis and Degenerative Disease 1987, Vol2(4)
Hoffer A Further Report on a Schizophrenic Patient Who Had Hyperasparaginemia 1987, Vol2(4) Review
Michio Kitahara Insufficient Ascorbic Acid Uptake from the Diet and the Tendency for Suicide 1987, Vol2(4) Review
Eric R Braverman, Ed Weissberg Elevated IgE Levels in Patients with Low Whole Blood Histamine 1987, Vol2(4) Review
Hoffer A Winds of Change 1987, Vol2(4) Review
Emaniel Cheraskin How Quickly Does Diet Make For Change? A Study of Blood Pressure 1987, Vol2(4) Review
Hoffer A Control of Huntingtons Disease by Orthomolecular Treatment 1987, Vol2(4) Review
Hoffer A Schizophrenia and Suicide Let's Help the FDA 1987, Vol2(3) Editorial
Mike Marlowe, Denis M Medeiros, Charles Moon, John Errera, Lydia C Medeiros Hair Minerals, Diet and Behavior of Prader-Willi Syndrome Youth 1987, Vol2(3) Review
Martha Sanbower Manic Depression: An Alternative Treatment 1987, Vol2(3) Review
Hoffer A Is There a Conspiracy?. 1987, Vol2(3) Review
John P Cleary Etiology and Biological Treatment of Alcohol Addiction 1987, Vol2(3) Review
Carl C Pfeiffer, Richard Mailloux Excess Copper as a Factor in Human Diseases 1987, Vol2(3) Review
Hoffer A Linus Pauling Honours the Canadian Schizophrenia Foundation 1987, Vol2(3) Review
Hugh D Riordan, Emanuel Cheraskin, Marvin Dirks, Mavis Schultz, Penny Brizendine Another Look at Renal Function and the EDTA Treatment Process 1987, Vol2(3) Review
Arthur C Walsh Treatment of Senile Dementia of Alzheimer Type by a Psychiatric-Anticoagulant Regimen 1987, Vol2(3) Review
Braverman ER, Ivovich B Nutrient Profile of Hypothermics 1987, Vol2(3) Review
Hoffer A Why Flog a Dead Horse? 1987, Vol2(2) Editorial
Leslie Louis I'm Schizophrenic, Doctor, Not Stupid, Megavitamins, the American Psychiatric Association and Me 1987, Vol2(2) Review
Stephen A Levine Organic Germanium A Novel Dramatic Immunostimulant 1987, Vol2(2) Review
Amelia C Rogers The Relationship Between Candidiasis and the Hypersensitivities of the Gifted and Talented 1987, Vol2(2) Review
Arthur Sohler, Carl C Pfeiffer Excess Copper & Lead as Factors in the Aging Process 1987, Vol2(2) Review
George M Tamari Is Metabolic Acidosis a Common Factor in Many Degenerative Diseases? 1987, Vol2(2) Review
Donald R Davis The Harrell Study and Seven Follow-Up Studies: A Brief Review 1987, Vol2(2) Review
Robert T Bagley Alcoholism, A Reflection of Adaptive Failure 1987, Vol2(2) Review
Hoes MJAJM, Sijben N Xanthurenic Acid in Depression 1987, Vol2(2) Review
Hoffer A Seminar on Orthomolecular Medicine Ben Gurion University Medical School May 21, 1987 1987, Vol2(1) Editorial
Donald O Rudin The Modernization Disease Syndrome as Substrate Pellagra-Beriberi: A New Diagnostic Entity: Synergistic Malnutrition From Interacting Food Modifications 1987, Vol2(1) Review
Stephen A Barrie, Jonathon V Wright, Joseph E Pizzorno Effects of Garlic Oil on Platelet Aggregation, Serum Lipids and Blood Pressure in Humans 1987, Vol2(1) Review
Hoffer A Does Every Schizophrenic Patient Need Tranquilizers? 1987, Vol2(1) Review
Susan E Kent, Charles D Schmitz Orthomolecular Predictors of Psychological Maladjustment 1987, Vol2(1) Review
Eric R Braverman T-Cell Ratios: Modulation by Nutrition: Case Report 1987, Vol2(1) Review
Robert N Taber Some Reflections on "Medical Science" 1987, Vol2(1) Review
Emanuel Cheraskin Predictive Concepts: A Study in Gingival Inflammation and Carbohydrate Metabolism 1987, Vol2(1) Review
Hoffer A Nutrition in Institutions Controlled by Physicians 1986, vol1(4) Editorial
Henry Turkel, Ilse Nusbaum Down Syndrome and Alzheimer's Disease Contrasted 1986, Vol1(4) Review
Inside Schizophrenia. A Personal Account 1986, Vol1(4) Review
Emanuel Cheraskin The "Ideal" Vitamin C Intake 1986, Vol1(4) Review
Margaret Nusbaum Food for Thought: The Problem of Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia 1986, Vol1(4) Review
Evans JR Alzheimers Dementia. Some Possible Mechanisms Related To Vitamins, Trace Elements and Minerals Suggesting a Possible Treatment 1986, Vol1(4) Review
Donald I Templer, Gordon G Cappelletty Primary Versus Secondary Schizophrenia: A Theoretical Review 1986, Vol1(4) Review
Alfred V Zamm Candida Albicans Therapy: Is there ever an end to it? Dental mercury removal: an effective adjunct 1986, Vol1(4) Review
Carl C Pfeiffer Requisite Faiths For Recovery 1986, vol1(3) Editorial
Stephen a Levine, Parris M Kidd Oxygen-Nutrition for Super Health: Research Breakthrough on an Oxygen Catalyst 1986, Vol1(3) Review
John P Clearly The NAD Deficiency Diseases 1986, Vol1(3) Review
Diana Walker Journey through Paranoia Beyond: A Personal Account 1986, Vol1(3) Review
Derrick Lonsdale, Charles D Kissling Clinical Trials with Thiamine Tetrahydrofurfuryl Disulfide (TTFD) in Down's Syndrome 1986, Vol1(3) Review
Cheraskin E If High Blood Cholesterol Is Bad - Is Low Good? 1986, Vol1(3) Review
Rhoda Papaioannou, Carl C Pfeiffer Pure Water for Drinking: A Review of Essential and Toxic Metals in Health and Disease 1986, Vol1(3) Review
Biersner RJ, Gilma SC Factors Associated with Hair Levels of Cadmium and Lead among U.S. Navy Submarine Personnel 1986, Vol1(3) Review
Hoffer A Report on Hivita 400 1986, Vol1(3) Review
Hoffer A The New Debate In Nutrition 1986, Vol1(2) Editorial
John Kuhn Bleimaier Legal Aspects of Transitional Housing for Recovering Schizophrenics 1986, Vol1(2) Review
Don Laird Using Biofeedback to Uncover Food Sensitive Persons 1986, Vol1(2) Review
Sab St John Out of the Night: A Mother's Story. A Condensation of the Book 1986, Vol1(2) Review
Mike Marlowe, John Errera, James C Case Hair Selenium Levels and Children's Classroom Behavior 1986, Vol1(2) Review
Josephine Masterson Lysine, Herpes, Schizophrenia and MCTD: A Confirmation of the Viral Theory of Schizophrenia from a Longitudinal Study 1986, Vol1(2) Review
Harvey M Ross Orthomolecular Psychiatry,Then, Now and Tomorrow 1986, Vol1(2) Review
Christopher M Reading Relatively Speaking: Family Tree Way to Better Health: Orthomolecular Genetics' 1986, Vol1(2) Review
Raymond F Leroy Effect of Washing on Trace Element Content of Human Hair 1986, Vol1(2) Review
Lawrence D Wilson Determination of Oxidation Type by Means of Tissue Electrolyte Ratios 1986, Vol1(2) Review
Hoffer A Journal of Orthomolecular Psychiatry Becomes Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine 1986, Vol1(1) Editorial
Jozef Krop Clinical Ecology: Future Prospect of Preventative Medicine 1986, Vol1(1) Review
Michio Kitahara Dietary Tryptophan Ratio and Homicide in Western and Southern Europe 1986, Vol1(1) Review
Joan Goulding The Use of The Hoffer-Osmond Diagnostic Test (H.O.D.) in Relationship to Hypnosis 1986, Vol1(1) Review
David R Hawkins The Prevention Of Tardive Dyskinesia with High Dosage Vitamins A Study of 58,000 Patientss 1986, Vol1(1) Review
Hoes MJAJM Stress and Strain: Their Definition, Psychobiology and Relationship to Psychosomatic Medicine 1986, Vol1(1) Review
Archie Johnston G Depression and the Gay Person: An Orthomolecular Exploration and Treatment Approach 1986, Vol1(1) Review
Mike Marlowe, Charles Moon, John Errera, Jim Jacons, Michael Brunson, John Stellern, Cheryl Schroeder Low Mercury Levels and Childhood Intelligence 1986, Vol1(1) Review
Eric R Braverman, Lamola S Acute and Chronic Supplementation of Amino Acids 1986, Vol1(1) Review
Hoffer A Vitamin Therapy for Hyperactivity and Schizophrenia: A Family's Struggle 1986, Vol1(1) Review
Hoffer A National Institute of Health Promotes Megavitamin Therapy 1985, Vol14(4) Editorial
Cheraskin E The Normal ("Average") Versus Normal ("Physiologic") Diurnal Blood Glucose Pattern 1985, Vol14(4) Review
Barbara A Van Flandern Last Chance 1985, Vol14(4) Review
Roderick J Steel, Erik T Paterson The HOD Test: An Apple II Programme 1985, Vol14(4) Review
Abram Hoffer Dopamine, Noradrenalin and Adrenalin Metabolism to Methylated or Chrome Indole Derivatives: Two Pathways or one? 1985, Vol14(4) Review
Joseph D Campbell Hair Analysis: A Diagnostic Tool for Measuring Mineral Status in Humans 1985, Vol14(4) Review
William Ew D-Amphetamine Behavior in Rats after a Wheat Protein Challenge and its Reversal by Naloxone Hydrochloride 1985, Vol14(4) Review
Hoffer A Multiple Sclerosis: Multiple Etiologies 1985, Vol14(3) Editorial
Edwin P Haleniak, Scott W Lamola Histamine and Prostaglandins in Schizophrenia 1985, Vol14(3) Review
David Lester Corn Consumption, Tryptophan and Cross-National Homicide and Suicide Rates 1985, Vol14(3) Review
Charles D Schmitz An Exploratory Study of the Relationship Between Orthomolecular Theory and the Maladjusted College Student 1985, Vol14(3) Review
Stephen A Levine, Parris M Kidd Beyond Antioxidant Adaptation A Free Radical-Hypoxia-Clonal Thesis of Cancer Causation 1985, Vol14(3) Review
Edward W McDonagh, Charles J Rudolph, Emanuel Cheraskin The Psychotherapeutic Potential of EDTA Chelation 1985, Vol14(3) Review
Patton AR Nutrient Pioneers: Johan Bjorksten 1985, Vol14(3) Review
Hoffer A A Basic Flaw in Modern Medical Research 1985, Vol14(2) Editorial
Hoffer A Thyroid and Cancer 1985, Vol14(2) Review
Harri O Hemila A Critique of Nutritional Recommendations 1985, Vol14(2) Review
Harold Kelm Phenothiazine Therapy and Perceptual Changes in Schizophrenia Patients 1985, Vol14(2) Review
Unabelle R Boggs, Allen Scheaf, David Santoro, Robert Ritzman The Effect of Nutrient Supplements on the Biological and Psychological Characteristics of Low IQ, Preschool Children 1985, Vol14(2) Review
Emanuel Cheraskin, James J Allen, Jeffrey S Zavik The Psychotherapeutic Implications of Cytotoxic Testing 1985, Vol14(2) Review
Linda Fitch, Rosalind La Rocha Earth House: An Alternative for Persons Suffering from the Schizophrenias 1985, Vol14(2) Review
Greer S Imbrie Untwisting the Illusion 1985, Vol14(2) Review
Patton AR Nutrient Pioneers: The Williams Brothers 1985, Vol14(2) Review
Hoffer A Pain 1985, Vol14(1) Editorial
Humphry Osmond, Robert Mullaly, Cynthia Bisbee Mood Pain: A Comparative Study of Clinical Pain and Depression 1985, Vol14(1) Review
James M Parsons, Alfred T Sapse Significance of Hypercortisolism in Anorexia Nervosa 1985, Vol14(1) Review
Stephen A Levine, Parris M Kidd Antioxidant Adaptation: A Unified Disease Theory 1985, Vol14(1) Review
Hoffer A Living With Schizophrenia 1985, Vol14(1) Review
Winnifred M Bogaards George Orwell: Journalist; Aldous Huxley:Genius 1985, Vol14(1) Review
Leo Galland Nutrition and Candidiasis 1985, Vol14(1) Review
Edward W McDonagh, Charles J Rudolph, Emanuel Cheraskin The "Clinical Change" in Patients Treated with EDTA Chelation Plus Multivitamin/Trace Mineral Supplementation 1985, Vol14(1) Review
Patton AR Nutrient Pioneers 1985, Vol14(1) Review
Irene Durko, Josef Engelhardt, Janos Szilard, Krisztina Baraczka, Gyorgy Gal The Effect of Haemodialysis on the Excretion of the Mauve Factor in Schizophrenia 1984, Vol13(4) Review
Elaine Fox Nutrition as Applied Biochemistry 1984, Vol13(4) Review
Roy Kupsinel Mercury Amalgam Toxicity: A Major Common Denominator Of Degenerative Disease 1984, Vol13(4) Review
Brenda Shclton, Cynthia Bisbee, William R Dunlap Academic Abilities of Hospitalized Psychiatric Patients 1984, Vol13(4) Review
Dr. A Hoffer A Journey Into The World of Schizophrenia 1984, Vol13(4) Review
Patton AR Nutrient Pioneers: Elmer McCollum 1984, Vol13(4) Review
Henry Turkel, Ilse Nusbaum Intellectual Improvement of A Retarded Patient Treated with the "U" Series 1984, Vol13(4) Review
Edward W McDonagh, Charles J Rudolph, Emanuel Cheraskin The Effect of EDTA Chelation Therapy With Multivitamin/Trace Mineral Supplementation Upon Reported Fatigue 1984, Vol13(4) Review
Irwin Stone Fifty Years of Research on Ascorbate and the Genetics of Scurvy: From a Better Flavored Beer To Homo Sapiens Ascorbicus 1984, Vol13(4) Review
Hoffer A The Tomato Effect 1984, Vol13(3) Editorial
Temple Grandin My Experiences as an Autistic Child and Review of Selected Literature 1984, Vol13(3) Review
Arthur Sohler, Carl Pfeiffer The Absolute Basophil Count and Blood Histamine Levels 1984, Vol13(3) Review
Ira R Berry, Lionel Borkan Precursor Therapy With Orthomolecular Nutrition 1984, Vol13(3) Review
Patton AR Nutrient Pioneers: Alva Rae Patton, Conrad Elvehjem 1984, Vol13(3) Review
Derrick Lonsdale Thiamine 1984, Vol13(3) Review
Orian Truss C Metabolic Abnormalities in Patients with Chronic Candidiasis: The Acetaldehyde Hypothesis 1984, Vol13(2) Review
Christopher Mahon Spontaneous Relapses: Myth or Reality 1984, Vol13(2) Review
Cees JM Van Tiggelen Alzheimers Disease/Alcohol Dementia: Association with Zinc Deficiency and Cerebral Vitamin B12 Deficiency 1984, Vol13(2) Review
Rhona Papaioannou, Carl C Pfeiffer Sulfite Sensitivity - Unrecognized Threat: Is Molybdenum Deficiency the Cause? 1984, Vol13(2) Review
Hoffer A A Schizophrenic Illness Described as Indescribable Severe Torture 1984, Vol13(2) Review
Mike Marlowe, Ace Cossairt, John Stellern, John Errera Decreased Magnesium in the Hair of Autistic Children 1984, Vol13(2) Review
Harold Markus, Joseph Portaro The Immune Status of Patients in a General Orthomolecular Medical Practice 1984, Vol13(2) Review
Hoffer A The Controversial Vitamins 1984, Vol13(1) Editorial
Robert N Taber A Unified Theory of Chemical Hypersensitivity 1984, Vol13(1) Review
Geoffrey Abelson A, Barbara Donery Learning Disabled Adolescents' Perceptions of Resource Room Experiencese 1984, Vol13(1) Review
Marginal Vitamin Deficiency:The "Gray Area" of Nutrition 1984, Vol13(1) Review
Sanford Bolton, Martin Feldman, Gary Null, Emanuel Revici, Linda Stumper A Pilot Study of Some Physiological and Psychological Effects of Caffeine 1984, Vol13(1) Review
Abram Hoffer Huntington's Disease: A Follow-Up 1984, Vol13(1) Review
Bernard Rimland The Feingold Diet: An Assessment of the Reviews by Mattes, by Kavale and Forness and Others 1984, Vol13(1) Review
Saul Pilar Practical Aspects of Parenteral Orthomolecular Therapy 1984, Vol13(1) Review
Hoffer A Criticism 1983, Vol12(4) Editorial
Mike Marlowe, John Errera, John Stellern, Dave Beck Lead and Mercury Levels in Emotionally Disturbed Children 1983, Vol12(4) Review
Mark D Corgiat, Michael W Regier, Donald I Templer Seasonality of Schizophrenic Births and Age of onset 1983, Vol12(4) Review
Kevin R Nolan Copper Toxicity Syndrome 1983, Vol12(4) Review
Abram Ber Neutralization of Phenolic (Aromatic) Food Compounds in a Holistic General Practice 1983, Vol12(4) Review
Hoffer A Oxidation-Reduction and the Brain 1983, Vol12(4) Review
Holman CP, Bell AFJ A Trial of Evening Primrose Oil in the Treatment of Chronic Schizophrenia 1983, Vol12(4) Review
Van Tiggelen CJM, Peperkamp JPC, Tertoolen JFW Vitamin B-12 Levels of Cerebrospinal Fluid in Patients with Organic Mental Disorder 1983, Vol12(4) Review
Elizabeth Lodge Rees Aluminum, Poisoning of Papua New Guinea Natives as Shown by Hair Testing 1983, Vol12(4) Review
Hoffer A Vitamin Toxicity 1983, Vol12(3) Editorial
Stephen A Levine, Jeffrey H Reinhardt Biochemical-Pathology Initiated by Free Radicals, Oxidant Chemicals, and Therapeutic Drugs in the Etiology of Chemical Hypersensitivity Disease 1983, Vol12(3) Review
Jaro Pleva Mercury Poisoning From Dental Amalgam 1983, Vol12(3) Review
Mats Hanson Amalgam - Hazards In Your Teeth 1983, Vol12(3) Review
Alfred Stock, Dr E Jaensch Nothing New Under the Sun: Experiences with Mercury Poisoning 1983, Vol12(3) Review
Cynthia Bisbee Psychosocial Approaches to Treatment of Schizophrenia 1983, Vol12(3) Review
Carl C Pfeiffer, Scott Lamola Zinc and Manganese in the Schizophrenias 1983, Vol12(3) Review
Betty Oliver The Children Who Should Have Been Passing But Didn't 1983, Vol12(3) Review
Colby-Morley E An Orthomolecular Approach to Malnutrition and the Brain 1983, Vol12(2) Review
Hoffer A Update: Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis with Hyperbaric Oxygen, and Niacin Hepatitis 1983, Vol12(2) Review
Rudin DO The Three Pellagras 1983, Vol12(2) Review
Zaslove M, Silverio Y, Minenna R Severe Riboflavin Deficiency : A Previously Undescribed Side Effect of Phenothiazines 1983, Vol12(2) Review
Hoffer FA Orthomolecular Nutrition at the Zoo 1983, Vol12(2) Review
Berry IR, Borkan L Phosphatidyl Choline- Its Use in Neurological and Psychiatric Syndromes 1983, Vol12(2) Review
Ringsdorf WM, Cheraskin E Nutritional Aspects of Urolithiasis 1983, Vol12(2) Review
Philpott WH Synthetic and Herbal Drug therapy Vs. the Reversal of the Disease Process Goals of Bio Ecologic Medicine 1983, Vol12(2) Review
Ross HM Vitamin Therapy 1983, Vol12(2) Review
Donald Lee McCabe Kryptopyrroles 1983, Vol12(1) Review
Synthia C Bisbee, Robert W Mullaly, Humphry Osmond Temperament and Psychiatric Illness 1983, Vol12(1) Review
Mike Marlowe, Charles Moon, John Errera John Stellern Hair Mineral Content as a Predictor of Mental Retardation 1983, Vol12(1) Review
Elsa Colby-Morley Neurotransmitters and Nutrition 1983, Vol12(1) Review
Abram Hoffer Latent Huntington's Disease - Response to Orthomolecular Treatment 1983, Vol12(1) Review
Julie Cohen The Impact of Marital Dissolution on Personal Distress and Child Rearing Attitudes of Mothers 1983, Vol12(1) Review
McGovern JJ, Lazaroni JL, Phyllis Saifer, Levin AS, Rapp DJ, Gardner RW Clinical Evaluation of the Major Plasma and Cellular Measures of Immunity 1983, Vol12(1) Review
Edward W McDonagh, Charles J Rudolph, Emanuel cheraskin The Glycohemoglobin (HbAlc) Distribution in EDTA-Chelation-Eligible Patients 1983, Vol12(1) Review
Hoes MJAJM L-Tryptophan in Depression and Strain 1982, Vol11(4) Review
Laraine C Abbey Agoraphobia 1982, Vol11(4) Review
Sanford Bolton, Gary Null Vitamin B15: A Review and Update 1982, Vol11(4) Review
Raymond M Weinstein Goffman's Asylumsand the Social Situation of Mental Patients 1982, Vol11(4) Review
Alfred F Libby, Oscar Rasmussen, Wesley Smart, Charles Starling, Patricia Haas, Cortland McLeod, John J. Wauchope, Hortensia Gutierrez Methodology: Use of Orthomolecular Techniques for Alcohol and Drug Abuse, in a Post-Detox Setting 1982, Vol11(4) Review
Kevin R Kracke Biochemical Bases for Behavior Disorders in Children 1982, Vol11(4) Review
Erik T Paterson Aspects of Hypoglycemia 1982, Vol11(3) Review
Alfred F Libby, Charles R Starling,David K MacMurray, Robert E Kline II Abnormal Blood and Urine ChemistriesIn An Alcohol and Drug Population: Dramatic Reversals Obtained Quickly From Potentially Serious Diseases 1982, Vol11(3) Review
Dudley Terrell, Cynthia Bisbee Patients' Views on Psychiatric Patient Education 1982, Vol11(3) Review
Elsa Colby-Morley The Psychiatric Response of Personality and Immunity to Cancer 1982, Vol11(3) Review
George Von Hilsheimer L. Acidophilus and the Ecology of the Human Gut 1982, Vol11(3) Review
William H Philpott, Katherine Philpott Principles of Bio-Ecologic Medicine 1982, Vol11(3) Review
Humphry Osmond Dangerous Psychosocial Hypotheses 1982, Vol11(3) Review
Donald I Templcr Comment on the Lewis and Griffin Explanation for Season of Birth Effect in Schizophrenia 1982, Vol11(3) Review
Garry M Vickar A Case Study: Idiopathic Dyskinesia Treated With Choline and Lecithin 1982, Vol11(2) Review
Arthir Sohler, Carl C Pfeiffer Vitamin B6 Nutritional Status of a Psychiatric Outpatient Population 1982, Vol11(2) Review
Raymond M Weinstein Stigma and Mental Illness: Theory Versus Reality 1982, Vol11(2) Review
Donald I Templer, David M Veleber The Decline of Hebephrenic Schizophrenia 1982, Vol11(2) Review
Jeremy Narby The Evolution of Attitudes Towards Mental Illness In Pre-Industrial England 1982, Vol11(2) Review
Alfred F Libby, Charles R Starling, Fleming H.Josefson, Shirley A Ward "The Junk Food Connection" A Study Reveals Alcohol and Drug Life Styles Adversely Affect Metabolism and Behavior 1982, Vol11(2) Review
Ringsdorff WM, Cheraskin E Vitamin C and Tolerance of Heat and Cold: Human Evidence 1982, Vol11(2) Review
Elsa Colby-Morley The Reflection of Hypoglycemia and Alcoholism on Personality: Nutrition as a Mode of Treatment 1982, Vol11(2) Review
Maurice Bowerman W Korsakoff Revisited 1982, Vol11(2) Review
Hoffer A Mercury-Silver Amalgams 1982, Vol11(1) Editorial
Hal A Huggins Mercury: A Factor in Mental Disease? 1982, Vol11(1) Review
Diana Fishbein The Contribution of Refined Carbohydrate Consumption to Maladaptive Behaviors 1982, Vol11(1) Review
Jeffrey S Barkin Site Specific Drug Action 1982, Vol11(1) Review
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