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Author Title Issue Type
Carter S The End of an Era 2009, Vol24(3&4) Editorial
Sealey R, Carter S Abram Hoffer: Orthomolecular Pioneer 2009, Vol24(3&4) Editorial
Hoffer A Orthomolecular Treatment of Schizophrenia 2009, Vol24(3&4) Case Study
Hoffer A The Adrenochrome Hypothesis of Schizophrenia Revisited 2009, Vol24(3&4) Review
Hoffer A The Future of Psychiatry 2009, Vol24(3&4) Review
Glade MJ Antioxidant Vitamins Reduce the Risk for Cancer: Part Two 2009, Vol24(2) Review
Jackson JA, Kirby RK, Braud M, Moore K Vitamin D (25-OH-D3) Status of 200 Chronically Ill Outpatients Treated at The Center 2009, Vol24(2) Case from the Center
Quattro C Oriental Medicine and Orthomolecular Medicine: Six Lyme Disease Cases Examined from Both Perspectives 2009, Vol24(2) Case Study
Saul A, Hickey S Patent Medicine and Orthomolecular Medicine 2009, Vol24(1) Editorial
Paterson ET Are Antipsychotic Drugs Safe 2009, Vol24(1) Editorial
Hoffer A, Fuller F Orthomolecular Treatment of Schizophrenia 2009, Vol24(1) Review
Glade MJ Antioxidant Vitamins Reduce the Risk for Cancer: Part One 2009, Vol24(1) Review
Campbell-Mcbride N Food Allergy: A Case Study 2009, Vol24(1) Case Study
Hoffer A Stigma and Schizophrenia 2008, Vol23(4) Editorial
Jackson JA, Benson L Energy Efficient (Toxic?) Light Bulbs 2008, Vol23(4) Editorial
Hickey S Vitamin C and Chemotherapy 2008, Vol23(4) Case Study
Petralli G The HPA Axis: The "Home" of Alcoholism 2008, Vol23(4) Review
Hoffer A, Prousky J The Proper Treatment of Schizophrenia Requires Optimal Daily Doses of Vitamin B3 2008, Vol23(4) Review
Spargo Williams Crowe FD The End of An Era and a New Beginning: An Orthomolecular Recovery Updated 2008, Vol23(4) Review
Jackson JA, Hunninghake RE, Krier C, Kirby R, Tiemeyer J Beat the Odds Revisited 2008, Vol23(4) Case From the Center
Yeom CH, Jung GC, Shin SW Changes in Worker Fatigue after Vitamin C Administration 2008, Vol23(4) Case Study
Hoffer A Money Well Spent? 2008, Vol23(3) Editorial
Phillips J American Medical Revolutions 2008, Vol23(3) Editorial
Namulema E, Sparling J, Foster HD When the Nutritional Supplements Stop: Evidence from a Double-Blinded, HIV Clinical Trial at Mengo Hospital, Kampala, Uganda 2008, Vol23(3) Case Study
Hickey S, Roberts H The Real Story of Vitamin C and Cancer 2008, Vol23(3) Review
Hoffer A Child Psychiatry: Does Modern Psychiatry Treat or Abuse 2008, Vol23(3) Review
Lidmark A, Wikmans T Are They Really Sick? A Report on Persons Who Are Electrosensitive and/or Injured by Dental Material in Sweden 2008, Vol23(3) Case Study
Pinfold A Prevalence and Risk Factors For Lower Selenium Status Among Adult White Males in the USA 2008, Vol23(3) Review
Saul AW, Hickey S Unacceptable Losses: Hospital-Caused Deaths 2008, Vol23(2) Editorial
Lawson S Linus Pauling and the Advent of Orthomolecular Medicine 2008, Vol23(2) Review
Hickey S, Roberts H Vitamin C and the Common Cold 2008, Vol23(2) Review
Mikirova NA, Jackson JA, Riordan N Differential Effect of Alpha-lipoic Acid on Healthy Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes and Leukemic Cells 2008, Vol23(2) Case Study
Campbell-Mcbride N Gut and Psychology Syndrome 2008, Vol23(2) Review
Pataracchia RJ Orthomolecular Treatment for Schizophrenia: A Review (Part Two) 2008, Vol23(2) Review
Carey G Ten Questions For Doctors: A UK Cancer Patient's Quest For Ascorbic Acid Therapy 2008, Vol23(1) Editorial
Foster HD The Failure of Medical Science to Prevent and to Adequately Treat HIV/AIDS: An orthomolecular Opportunity 2008, Vol23(1) Case Study
Innis MD Vitamin K Deficiency Disease 2008, Vol23(1) Case Study
Pataracchia RJ Orthomolecular Treatment for Schizophrenia: A Review (Part One) 2008, Vol23(1) Review
Hoffer A Pandeficiency Disease 2008, Vol23(1) Review
Jackson JA, Hunninghake R, Kirby R, Krier C, Lewis R A Child with Metastatic Sarcoma and a Patient with Cancer of the Head of the Pancreas 2008, Vol23(1) Case from the Center
Ware WR Raising Concerns About Unmetabolized Fatty Acids 2008, Vol23(1) Review
Schaefer, BA, Tan HL, Burke MD, Potter GA Nutrition and Cancer: Salvestrol Case Studies 2007, Vol22(4) Case Study
Mitchell JA The Effect of Folic Acid and Vitamin B12 on Depression: Twelve Case Studies 2007, Vol22(4) Case Study
Foster HD The Adrenochrome Alternative 2007, Vol22(4) Review
Leung L Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: A Combined Deficiency Disease 2007, Vol22(4) Review
Hoffer A Muscle Wasting Diseases 2007, Vol22(3) Editorial
Saul A Safety and Effectiveness of Vitamins 2007, Vol22(3) Editorial
Hoffer A Cancer Control by Improving the Genes’ Biochemical Environment 2007, Vol22(3) Review
Foster HD How HIV Replication Causes AIDS: An Orthomolecular Model 2007, Vol22(3) Review
Nameulemia E, Sparling J, Foster HD Nutritional Supplements Can Delay the Progression of AIDS in HIV-Infected Patients: Results from a Double-Blinded, Clinical Trial at Mengo Hospital, Kampala, Uganda 2007, Vol22(3) RCT
Hickey DS, Roberts HJ Selfish Cells: Cancer as Microevolution 2007, Vol22(3) Review
Bronson PJ In Defence of Estrogen 2007, Vol22(3) Review
Mikirova NA, Jackson JA, Riordan NH The Effect of High Dose IV Vitamin C on Plasma Antioxidant Capacity and Level of Oxidative Stress in Cancer Patients and Healthy Subjects 2007, Vol22(3) Review
McKay M Forced Drugging of Children in Foster Care: Turning Child Abuse Victims into Involuntary Psychiatric Patients 2007, Vol22(2) Review
Schuitemaker G Considering Genotype in the Selection of Study Populations May Alter Outcomes in Clinical Trials and Meta-Analyses: A Re-Examination of the HOPE-Studies 2007, Vol22(2) Review
Paterson ET Report from an Orthomolecular Practice: A Schizophrenia That Wasn’t 2007, Vol22(2) Case Study
Kaufman W Nutrition Illiteracy and Nutritional Inadequacy 2007, Vol22(2) Review
Saul A How to Destroy Confidence in Vitamins When You Do Not Have the Facts 2007, Vol22(1) Editorial
Hoffer A An Orthomolecular Look at Obesity 2007 Editorial
Jackson JA, Neathery Sharon, Kirby Rebecca Hidden Food Sensitivities: A Common Cause of Many Illnesses 2007, Vol22(1) Case Study
Hickey S, Noriegai L, Roberts H Poor Methodology in Meta-Analysis of Vitamins 2007, Vol22(1) Review
Schauss AG False and Misleading Information in the US FDA’s Adverse Events Monitoring System (1994-1999) 2007, Vol22(1) Review
Duconge J, Miranda-Masari JR, Gonzalez MJ, Riordan NH Schedule-Dependence in Cancer Therapy: What is the True Scenario for Vitamin C?' 2007, Vol22(1) Review
Saul A Taking the Cure - Hidden in Plain Sight: The Pioneering Work of Frederick Robert Klenner, M.D. 2007, Vol22(1) Review
Tan HL, Butler PC, Burke MD, Potter GA Salvestrols: A New Perspective in Nutritional Research 2007, Vol22(1) Review
Hoffer A Orthomolecular Treatment of AIDS 2006 Vol21(4) Editorial
Jackson JA, Hunninghake MD, Krier C, Kirby R, Hyland G Special Report: False Positive Finger Stick Blood Glucose Readings After High-Dose Intravenous Vitamin C 2006 Vol21(4) Review
Bradfeild M, Foster HD Successful Orthomolecular Treatment of AIDS: Accummulating Evidence from Africa 2006 Vol21(4) Review
Lam C Nutrition and Medical Acupuncture: Three Case Presentations 2006 Vol21(4) Review
Prousky JE Clinical Experiences with a Vitamin B3 Dependent Family 2006 Vol21(4) Review
Trevithick JR, Massel D, Robertson J, Wall R Modeling Savings from Prophylactic REACT Antioxidant Use Among a Cohort Initially Aged 50-55 Years: A Canadian Perspective 2006 Vol21(4) Review
Hoffer A Schizophrenia Delenda Est 2006, Vol21(3) Editorial
Kaufmann W Niacinamide As a Therapeutic Agent: A Memoir 2006, Vol21(3) Review
Lemke JL Clinical Trials and the Drugging of Our Children 2006, Vol21(3) Review
Paterson ET Heart Failure and Niacin 2006, Vol21(3) Review
Mitchel JA Substance Abuse Trends Based on Drug-of-Choice Reports in a Forensic Population 2006, Vol21(3) Review
Giammatteo MC treating Children with Hyperactive Syndrome: A Memoir 2006, Vol21(3) Review
Jackson JA, Beson L Co-Learner/Patients Comments on Treatment 2006, Vol21(3) Case Study
Saul AW Medline Bias: Update 2006, Vol21(2) Editorial
Paterson ET "A School Phobia” that Wasn’t 2006, Vol21(2) Review
Holford P, Torrens K, Colson D The Effects of a Low Glycemic Load Diet on Weight Loss and Key Health Risk Indicators 2006, Vol21(2) Review
Saul HF Raising Student Achievement Through Better Nutrition 2006, Vol21(2) Review
Mitchel JA Symptoms of Dissociation in a Forensic Population 2006, Vol21(2) Review
Flavin DF Reversing Splenomegalies in Epstein Barr Virus Infected Children: Mechanisms of Toxicity in Viral Diseases 2006, Vol21(2) Review
Saul AW Taking the Cure: Claus Washington Jungeblut, M.D. – Polio Pioneer, Ascorbate Advocate 2006, Vol21(2) Review
Jackson JA, Riordan HD, Neathery S, Krier C Blood Basophils and Histamine Levels in Patients 2006, Vol21(2) Case Study
Hoffer A Schizophrenia: Its Biochemistry, Psychology and Treatment 2006, Vol21(1) Editorial
Paterson ET Why Orthomolecular Medicine? A Personal Viewpoint 2006, Vol21(1) Review
Prousky JE, Hayman R, Orthomolecular and Botanical Treatments to Help Alleviate the Side Effects of Atypical Antipsychotic Drugs 2006, Vol21(1) Review
Potter GA, Burke Salvestrols–Natural Products with Tumour Selective Activity 2006, Vol21(1) Review
Grant WB Vitamin D and Health: Implications for High-latitude Countries 2006, Vol21(1) Review
Huemer RP Chronic Renal Disease: Orthomolecular Ramifications 2006, Vol21(1) Review
Hoffer Abram Saying Goodbye after 55 years of Psychiatric Practice 2005, Vol20(4) Editorial
Andrew W Saul Taking the Cure: Irwin Stone: Orthomolecular Innovator and Educator 2005, Vol20(4) Review
Rick Malter, Cassie Rendon, Renee Aalund A Developmental Study of Sex Differences in Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Patterns at Ages Six, Twelve and Eighteen 2005, Vol20(4) Review
Erik T Paterson James Lind, Zheng He and the Prevention of Scurvy 2005, Vol20(4) Review
Nicholas Calvin Integrative Medicine for Colon Cancer 2005 Vol20(4) Review
James A Jackson, Kelly Wong, Chas Krier, Hugh D Riordan Screening for Vitamin C in the Urine: Is it Clinically Significant? 2005, Vol20(4) Case Study
Abram Hoffer Can One Vitamin Overcome the General Nutrient Deficiencies of the Average North American Diet? 2005, Vol20(3) Editorial
Jonathon E Prousky Supplemental Niacinamide Mitigates Anxiety Symptoms: Three Case 3 2005, Vol20(3) Review
Fred Ottoboni, Alice Ottoboni Ascorbic Acid and the Immune System 2005, Vol20(3) Review
Joseph A Mitchell Perceptual Distortion in a Forensic Population 2005, Vol20(3) Review
Erica White, Caroline Sherlock The Effect of Nutritional Therapy for Yeast Infection (Candidiasis) in Cases of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 2005, Vol20(3) Review
Phyllis J Bronson The Effect of Neurosteroids on Depression in Peri-Menopausal Women 2005, Vol20(3) Review
James A Jackson, Hugh D Riordan, Ronald Hunninghake Anemia, Failure to Grow, Ulcerative Colitis and Weight-Loss in a Young Girl 2005, Vol20(3) Case Study
Abram Hoffer HIV/AIDS: A Nutrient Deficiency Disease? 2005, Vol20(2) Editorial
Andrew W Saul Orthomolecular Medicine on the Internet 2005, Vol20(2) Review
Gary Null, Martin Feldman The Benefits of Going Beyond Conventional Therapies for ADHD 2005, Vol20(2) Review
Mattias F Heinitz Alzheimer’s Disease and Trace Elements: Chromium and Zinc 2005, Vol20(2) Review
Raymond J Pataracchia Optimal Dosing for Schizophrenia 2005, Vol20(2) Review
Michael J Gonzalez, Jorge R Miranda, Hugh D Riordan, Vitamin C as an Ergogenic Aid 2005, Vol20(2) Review
Henrik Linchtenberg, Natashia Ingemarsson-Matzen Gingival Bleeding in Smoking and Non-smoking Subjects, with or without Amalgam Fillings, and in Correlation with Oral Hygiene 2005, Vol20(2) Review
James A Jackson, Hugh D Riodan, Myra L Mcleod Payment for Treatment of Symptoms but not for a Cure: One Patient’s Experience 2005, Vol20(2) Case Study
Andrew W Saul Medline Bias 2005, Vol20(1) Editorial
Jack J Challem Folic Acid, Vitamin D and Prehistoric Polymorphisms in the Modern Environment 2005, Vol20(1) Review
Gary Null, Carolyn Dean, Martin Feldman, Debora Rasio Death by Medicine 2005, Vol20(1) Review
Joseph A Mitchell Biological Determinants of Mens Rea: When Choice Fails to Compensate for Biopsychological Perseveration 2005, Vol20(1) Review
Nina Mikirova, Hugh D Riodan, Kirby RK, KlyKov A, James A Jackson Monitoring of ATP Levels in Red Blood Cells and T Cells of Healthy and Ill Subjects and the Effects of Age on Mitochondrial Potential 2005, Vol20(1) Review
Hoffer A, Hal Gunn The Use of Vitamin C and Other Antioxidants with Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy in Cancer Treatment 2004, Vol19(4) Editorial
Judith O Stoute The Use of Vitamin C with Chemotherapy in Cancer Treatment: An Annotated Bibliography 2004, Vol19(4) Review
Hal Gunn The Use of Antioxidants with Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy in Cancer Treatment: A Review 20004, Vol19(4) Review
Abram Hoffer Controlled Therapeutic Trials: Disadvantages and Advantages 2004, Vol19(3) Editorial
Holt JAG The Energy System Creating Life and Cancer from Inanimate Compounds 2004, Vol19(3) Review
James Frazee, Michele Russell, Cammy Chicota, Donald I Templer, Adam Nelson, Dan Martin, Brad V Feliz Seasonality of Birth in Alzheimer’s Disease 2004, Vol19(3) Review
Andrew W Saul Taking the Cure: Natural Health Principles and Principals: Jackson and Macfadden in Dansville 2004, Vol19(3) Review
Joseph D Campbell Alzheimer’s Disease: Minerals and Essential Fatty Acids 2004, Vol19(3) Review
Andrew W Saul Vitamin Dependency 2004, Vol19(2) Editorial
Harold D Foster SIDS and the New Zealand Environment 2004, Vol19(2) Review
Ruth Whalen Ongoing Caffeine Anaphylaxis and Anorexia Nervosa: A Case Report 2004, Vol19(2) Review
Erik T Paterson Xenoestrogens and Breast Cancer 2004, Vol19(2) Review
Jonathan E Prousky Niacinamide’s Potent Role in Alleviating Anxiety: a Case Report 2004, Vol19(2) Review
Abram Hoffer Atypical Anti-psychotics Create Dependency Disorders 2004, Vol19(1) Editorial
John T Hypochlorhydria and Multiple Organ Failure: A Leading Cause of Death in the Intensive Care Unit 2004, Vol19(1) Review
Andrew W Saul Taking the Cure: The Pioneering Work of Ruth Flinn Harrell, Champion of Children 2004, Vol19(1) Review
Ashton F Embry Vitamin D Supplementation in the Fight Against Multiple Sclerosis 2004, Vol19(1) Review
Harold D Foster Capes, Bays and the Double Helix: Why Geography has More to Offer in the Prevention of Chronic Degenerative Diseases than Genetics 2004, Vol19(1) Review
Bradford Weeks Case Report: Treatment of Schizophrenia 2004, Vol19(1) Review
Joseph A Mitchell Scoring Errors in the Hoffer-Osmond Diagnostic Test 2004, Vol19(1) Review
James A Jackson, Hugh D Riodan A Patient Who Said "No" to Surgery, and Was Happy She Did 2004, Vol19(1) Review
Abram Hoffer Editorial: "Toxic" Vitamins 2003, Vol18(3,4) Editorial
Alan R Gaby Safe Upper Limits" for Nutritional Supplements: One Giant Step Backward 2003, Vol18(3,4) Review
Bradford S Weeks Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene 2003, Vol18(3,4) Review
Hoffer A Negative and Positive Side Effects of Vitamin B3 2003, Vol18(3,4) Review
Patrick Holford, Shane Heaton Vitamin B6: Extract of Submission to the UK’s Food Standards Agency 2003, Vol18(3,4) Review
Eddie Vos A Comment on Safe Upper Levels of Folic Acid, B6 and B12 2003, Vol18(3,4) Review
Abram Hoffer Side Effects of Over-the-Counter Drugs 2003, Vol18(3,4) Review
Stephen Lawson The Trials and Tribulations of Vitamin C 2003, Vol18(3,4) Review
Loraine C Abbey The Gift of Vitamin C 2003, Vol18(3,4) Review
Andrew W Saul Vitamin D: Deficiency, Diversity and Dosage 2003, Vol18(3,4) Review
Andrew W Saul Vitamin E: A Cure in Search of Recognition 2003, Vol18(3,4) Review
Andrew W Saul Can Vitamin Supplements Take the Place of a Bad Diet? 2003, Vol18(3,4) Review
Aileen Burford-Mason, Hugh D Riordan 'Vitamin E and Heart Disease Controversy: Two Major Studies; One Common Flaw by Aileen Burford-Mason, Ph.D. 2003, Vol18(2) Editorial
Aliya N Chaudary, Adam Porter-Blake, Patrick Holford Indices of Pyridoxine Levels on Symptoms Associated with Toxicity: A Retrospective Study 2003, Vol18(2) Review
Ba Hoang Refractory Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura: An Integrated Approach to Treatment 2003, Vol18(2) Review
Joseph J Casciari, Hugh D Riordan, Nina Mikirova, Jan Austin Effect of Vitamin C Supplementation on Ex Vivo Immune Cell Functioning 2003, Vol18(2) Review
Andrew W Saul Taking The Cure: The Pioneering Work of William J. McCormick, M.D. 2003, Vol18(2) Review
James A LeClair, David W Quig Hair Lead and Cadmium Levels and Specific Depressive and Anxiety-Related Symptomology in Children 2003, Vol18(2) Review
Jonathon E Prousky, Erik Sykes Two Case Reports on the Treatment of Acute Migraine with Niacin: Its Hypothetical Mechanism of Action Upon Calcitonin-Gene Related Peptide and Platelets 2003, Vol18(2) Review
Catherine Demetriades Report from Cypress: The Discovery of Protomyonecrosis 2003, Vol18(2) Review
Hoffer A The Confusion Generated by Nutritional. 2003, Vol18(1) Editorial
Howard D Straus Allopathic Medicine’s Stonewall Shaken 2003, Vol18(1) Review
Nina Mikirova, Hugh D Riordan, Paul Rillema Detection of Energy Metabolism Level in Cancer Patients by Fluorescence Emission from Serum 2003, Vol18(1) Review
Ruth Whalen Caffeine Anaphylaxis: A Progressive Toxic Dementia 2003, Vol18(1) Review
Andrew W Saul Taking the Cure: The Pioneering Work of William Kaufman: Arthritis and ADHD 2003, Vol18(1) Review
Dollie C Snyder Orthomolecular, Nutritional and EPA Therapy: A Winning Combination in the Treatment of Schizophrenia: A Parent’s Testimonial 2003, Vol18(1) Review
John P Clearly A Consideration of Vitamin B3 as an Inhibitor of the Predator Response 2003, Vol18(1) Review
James A Jackson, Hugh D Riordan, Nancy Bramhall, Sharon Neathery Urine Pyrroles in Patients with Cancer 2003, Vol18(1) Case Study
Hoffer A The Truth Behind Shaken Baby Syndrome 2002, Vol17(4) Editorial
Cheraskin E Carbohydrate Consumption and Cardiovascular Complaints 2002, Vol17(4) Review
Clemetson CAB Shaken Baby Syndrome or Scurvy? 2002, Vol17(4) Review
Mikirova N, Riordan HD, Rillema P Detection of the Level of Energy Metabolism in Patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 2002, Vol17(4) Review
Challem JJ Natural Therapies for Reducing Intraocular Eye Pressure: Rationale and Two Case Reports 2002, Vol17(4) Review
Tsuru S, Iijima H, Yagi Y, Matsunaga K Oral Administration of a Novel Glycoprotein Derived from the Fruit Bodies of the Basidiomycete Tricholoma Matsutake Enhances the Gut-associated Immune Responses of Mice 2002, Vol17(4) Review
Gonzalez MJ, Riordan HD, Miranda-Missari JR Vitamin C and Oxidative DNA Damage Revisited 2002, Vol17(4) Review
Hoffer A Vitamins are Becoming Respectable; Long-term Effects of Nutritional, Psychological and Physical Stress 2002, Vol17(3) Editorial
Harman D Alzheimer's Disease Pathogenesis: The Role of Aging 2002, Vol17(3) Review
Bronson PJ Factors in Neurotoxicity in Adolescents 2002, Vol17(3) Review
Mirkova N, Riordan HD, Klykov A Assessment of Granulocyte Activity with Application to Healthy and Ill Subjects 2002, Vol17(3) Case Study
Thiel RJ In Memoriam: Max J. Vogel, M.D. 2002, Vol17(3) Case Study
Prousky JE, Kerwin C Niacin (Nicotinic Acid) a Putative Treatment for Hypochlorhydria: Re-analysis of Two Case Reports 2002, Vol17(3) Case Study
Hoffer A Schizophrenic patients: An Historical View 2002, Vol17(2) Editorial
McLaughlin K Soy Isoflavones and Breast Cancer 2002, Vol17(2) Review
Cheraskin E Homeostasis: A Continuous Search for Health 2002, Vol17(2) Review
Null G, Feldman M Mercury Dental Amalgams: The Controversy Continues 2002, Vol17(2) Review
Thiel RJ Facial Effects of the Warner Protocol for Children with Down Syndrome 2002, Vol17(2) Review
Jackson JA, Riordan HD, Bramhall NL, Neathery S Case from the Center: Sixteen-Year History with High Dose Intravenous Vitamin C Treatment for Various Types of Cancer and Other Diseases 2002, Vol17(2) Case Study
Hoffer A Components of an Ideal Schizophrenia Treatment 2002, Vol17(1) Editorial
Wheatley C A Unified Theory of the Causes of Monoclonal Gammopathy of Unknown Significance (MGUS) and Multiple Myeloma, with a Consequent Treatment Proposal for Long-term Control and Possible Cure 2002, Vol17(1) Review
Prousky JE, Lescheid DW The Role of Vitamins B3 and C in the Treatment of Histadelia 2002, Vol17(1) Review
Cheraskin E Fatigue and Vitamin C 2002, Vol17(1) Review
Hoffer A Treating Chronic Schizophrenic Patients 2002, Vol17(1) Review
Thiel RJ Growth Effects of the Warner Protocol for Children with Down Syndrome 2002, Vol17(1) Review
Jackson JA, Riordan HD, Tiemeyer J, Revard C, Neathery S Preventive Health Screening Program in an Industrial Setting: Identifying Health Risks and Nutritional Deficiencies 2002, Vol17(1) Case Study
Hoffer A Closing the Centenary of Linus Pauling 2001, Vol16(4) Editorial
Simpson LO, O'neil DJ Red Blood Cell Shapes in Women with Fibromyalgia and the Implications for Capillary Blood Flow and Tissue Function 2001, Vol16(4) Review
Hoffer A Thyroid and Schizophrenia 2001, Vol16(4) Review
Malter R Preventing Post Partum Depression: A Case Report 2001, Vol16(4) Review
Ch'eraskin E Vitamin C Symptoms and Respiratory Symptoms 2001, Vol16(4) Review
Prousky JE Is Vitamin B3 Dependency a Causal Factor in the Development of Hypochlorhydria and Achlorhydria? 2001, Vol16(4) Review
Jackson JA, Riordan HD, Hunninghake RE Three Patients, Three Medical Conditions, Three Successful Outcomes 2001, Vol16(4) Review
Pasion-Gonzales RE, Templer DL, Walker S Mood Correlates of Substance Use Among Chronic Mentally 111 Outpatients 2001, Vol16(4) Case Study
Hoffer A Are Modern Tranquillizers Addictive? 2001, Vol16(3) Editorial
Huemer RP Whither The Pauling Legacy? The Linus Pauling Institute and the Future of Medicine 2002, Vol16(3) Review
Bronson PJ Mood Biochemistry of Women at Mid-life 2002, Vol16(3) Review
Scimone A, Scimone AA Recommendation of Herbal Remedies by Psychiatrists 2002, Vol16(3) Review
Simpson LO, O'neil DJ Red Blood Cell Shape, Symptoms and Reportedly Helpful Treatments in Americans with Chronic Disorders. 2002, Vol16(3) Review
Cheraskin E Vitamin C in Cardiovascular Disease 2002, Vol16(3) Review
Calvino N The Hepatitis C Patient: Functional Assessment and Botanical Remedies. 2002, Vol16(3) Review
Mikirova N, Jackson JA, Casciari JJ, Riordan HD The Effect of Alternating Magnetic Field Exposure and Vitamin C on Cancer Cells 2002, Vol16(3) Case Study
Rubin D, Levine S Oralmat and HIV Disease: A Report of Five Cases 2001, Vol16(3) Case Study
Hoffer A The Search For Vitamin C Toxicity 2001, Vol16(2) Editorial
Meiers P Does Water Fluoridation have Negative Side Effects? A Critique of the York Review 2001, Vol16(2) Review
Simone CB, Simone NL, Pallante M, Simone CB Cancer, Lifestyle Modification and Glucarate 2001, Vol16(2) Review
Malter R The Influence of “Junk” Science in Manipulating and Shaping the Health Care Marketplace 2001, Vol16(2) Review
Cheraskin E The Skin in Health and Disease 2001, Vol16(2) Review
Jaskson JA, Riordan HD, Hunninghake R, Lewis R From a Violent 17-Year Old Male to a Normal Young Man 2001, Vol16(2) Case Study
Tsuru S, Ibusuki M, Ohtake S, Umezawa Y, Kaneko M Enhanced Resistance against Influenza Virus by Treatment with Dietary Supplement d-Lenolate in Neutropenic Mice Induced by Cyclophosphamide 2001, Vol16(2) Case Study
Hoffer A Editorial: A Brief History of the Discovery of Kryptopyrrolle 2001, Vol16(1) Editorial
Huemer RP Linus Pauling and the Riddle of Aging 2001, Vol16(1) Review
Leclair JA, Quig DW Mineral Status, Toxic Metal Exposure and Children's Behaviour 2001, Vol16(1) Review
Mclaughlin KJ The Role of Homocysteine in Human Health 2001, Vol16(1) Review
Ross C, Prousky J Plantar Fasciitis: A Case Review 2001, Vol16(1) Review
Jackson JA, Riordan HD, Neathery SS, Mayer K Urine Pyrrolles Revisited 2001, Vol16(1) Case Study
Cheraskin E Are There Merits in Sustained-Release Preparations? 2001, Vol16(1) Case Study
Dardanelli AL, Del Filar Gargia AM Successful Recoveries with Orthomolecular Treatment 2001, Vol16(1) Case Study
Hoffer A Vitamin C and Cancer - A Workshop 2000, Vol15(4) Editorial
Hoffer LJ, Tamayo C, Richardson MA Vitamin C as Cancer Therapy: An Overview 2000, Vol15(4) Review
Hoffer J Vitamin C: Case History of an Alternative Cancer Therapy 2000, Vol15(4) Review
Batist G Clinical Evaluation of Vitamin C and other Micronutrients in the Treatment of Cancer 2000, Vol15(4) Review
Hoffer A Antioxidant Nutrients and Cancer 2000, Vol15(4) Review
Riordan NH, Riordan HD, Casciari JP Clinical and Experimental Experiences with Intravenous Vitamin C 2000, Vol15(4) Review
Friedman M Remission of Stage IV Metastatic Ocular Melanoma to the Liver 2000, Vol15(4) Review
Hoffer A Niacin and Cholesterol: The History of a Discovery 2000, Vol15(3) Editorial
Huemer RP Mental Illness and the Mind-Body Problem 2000, Vol15(3) Review
Parsons WB Introduction of Niacin as the First Successful Treatment for Cholesterol Control: A Reminiscence 2000, Vol15(3) Review
Tsuru S, Nagae A, Ohta T, Ohtake S, Ibusuki M, Kaneko M Therapeutic Effect of d-Lenolate Against Experimental Infections in Immuno-compromised Mice 2000, Vol15(3) Review
Jackson JA, Riordan HD, Neathery S, Tiemeyer J Comparison of Hair Copper, Zinc, Aluminum and Lead in Patients with Elevated and Normal Urine Pyrrole Levels 2000, Vol15(3) Case Study
Hoffer A, Foster HD Why Schizophrenics Smoke but Have a Lower Incidence of Lung Cancer: Implications for the Treatment of Both Disorder 2000, Vol15(3) Case Study
Tuormaa TE Chromium, Selenium and Copper and other Trace Minerals in Health and Reproduction 2000, Vol15(3) Case Study
Cheraskin E Detoxification: A Must for the New Millenium 2000, Vol15(2) Review
Ely JTA, Krone CA A Brief Update on Ubiquinone 2000, Vol15(2) Review
Malter R The NAS Risk Assessment Model for Establishing Upper Intake Levels for Nutrients: A Critical Review from a Psycho-physiological Perspective 2000, Vol15(2) Review
Paterson ET Æsculapian Authority and the Doctor-patient Relationship 2000, Vol15(2) Review
Hattersley JG The Negative Health Effects of Chlorine 2000, Vol15(2) Review
Jackson JA, Riordan HD, Revard C, Tiemeyer J Lycopene: Its Role in Health and Disease 2000, Vol15(2) Case Study
Hoffer A The Prevalence of Alzheimer's Disease; A Nurse Writes of Her Mother's Recovery 2000, Vol15(1) Editorial
Whitford T The Underlying Mechanisms of Brain Allergies 2000, Vol15(1) Review
Ross C, Logan AC Mitochondrial Support in the Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:A Case Report 2000, Vol15(1) Review
Jackson JA, Riordan HD, Neathery SS Urine Indican as an Indicator of Disease 2000, Vol15(1) Case Study
Foster HD How Aluminum Causes Alzheimer’s Disease: The Implications for Prevention and Treatment of Foster’s Multiple Antagonist Hypothesis 2000, Vol15(1) Case Study