Asthma and Bronchitis (By Appointment Only)

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Asthma Vries.jpg
Author: Jan De Vries
Published: August 2, 2005
Publisher: Mainstream Publishing
Number of pages: 143 pages
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Product Description

It is clear that asthma and bronchitis are on the increase, especially in Britain, and there are strong indications that this rise may be linked to atmospheric influences. Jan de Vries has over 30 years' experience of treating these conditions and in this important title in the By Appointment Only series, he sets out his own ideas about respiratory disorders. He shows, for example, how many allergic reactions can result in asthma-related problems, hay-fever being a case in point. Viruses, bacteria, and irritants may result in dry coughs, mucus formation, breathlessness, muscle pain, and even light fever, depression, and sometimes emphysema. Emphysema is known to be incurable, but Jan de Vries shows his treatments can bring welcome relief.

About the author:

Jan de Vries is the author of the alternative-medicine books By Appointment Only, Jan de Vries Healthcare, Nature’s Gift, and Well Women, as well as his autobiography, A Life in Healing.