Complete Athlete, The: Integrating Fitness, Nutrition and Natural Health

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Complete Athlete John.jpg
Author: John Winterdyk & Karen Jensen
Published: June 1998
Publisher: Alive Books
Number of pages: 250 pages
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Product Description

Mark Allen The Complete Athlete...answered questions I didn't even know I had!

From the Back Cover

The concept of an integrated approach to fitness, nutrition and natural health is not new, but having the material gathered together in a single book is. The Complete Athlete will encourage you to attain optimum performance by developing more than just sport-specific skills... a lot more. For author John Winterdyk and Karen Jensen, The Complete Athlete is the ideal synthesis of diet, physical training, self-knowledge, mental disciple and sheer love of exercise.

Presented in lively and readable form, The Complete Athlete bridge the gulf between natural health and cross-training. Whether you are a recreational or an elite athlete, you will find all the information you will need to attain optimum performance, including:

  • Developing a personalized training program based on your own abilities and goal
  • Perfecting swimming, running and cycling techniques
  • Preparing nutritious, energy boosting meals and snacks
  • Preventing and treating injuries with herbs, homeopathy and other natural methods
  • Reducing mental and physical stress, overcoming self-doubt and staying motivated

About the Author

John Winterdyk PhD and Karen Jensen ND are living proof that an integrated approach to health and fitness works. A university professor and semi-retired athlete, John has competed successfully on the international circuit. He is a former Canadian Ironman winner and World Masters Triathlon silver medallist. Karen is a certified naturopathic doctor and competitive athlete who has used her training to overcome a near-debilitating back injuring, and now treats others. Together they will inspire you and challenge you to be a complete athlete.