Dr. John Bastyr: Philosophy and Practice

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Bastyr grimes.jpg
Author: Melanie Grimes
Published: April 5, 2005
Publisher: Alethea Book Company
Number of pages: 11 pages
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Product Description:

Known as "The father of Naturopathic Medicine," Dr Bastyr practiced medicine in Seattle, Washington treating more than 50 thousand patients over five generations, for seven decades. The book contains information gleaned from patients, students, lectures, and directly from Bastyr himself, including many findings from his years of practice that have not been recorded until now.

About the Author:

Melanie J. Grimes. R.S. Hom (NA), CCH, is the editor of The American Homeopath and lectures internationally. She has written hundreds of articles in homeopathic journals worldwide, and is the author of the naturopathic textbook, Dr. John Bastyr: Philosophy and Practice. She has conducted numerous homeopathic provings and also writes screenplays, novels and librettos.