Energy For Life: How to Overcome Chronic Fatigue

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Author: Redmon, George L
Published: June 2000
Publisher: Vital Heaqlth Publishings
Number of pages: : 244

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Product Description:

The world energy crisis is currently not in the Middle East. It is within the bodies of millions whose lives are ruled by fatigue and lethargy a crisis, according to Atlantas Center for Disease Control, of epidemic proportions. Energy For Life addresses this crisis with a wealth of information specifically oriented toward helping you manage your own metabolic potential - and thereby realize a more energetic and healthful life. Included is the latest scientific data supporting the use of specific vitamins, minerals, herbs and accessory nutrients for enhanced energy. Significant dietary and life-stress information is also presented, structured within the framework of our dynamic environment and the interdependent chemical and biological principles which boundlessly energize our lives. A book of practical insight as well as scientific evidence, Energy For Life encourages a healthier attitude and lifestyle certain to increase your energy, vim and vigor!

About the Author:

Dr. George Redmon is a graduate of the Clayton College of Natural Health (N.D.), the American Holistic College of Nutrition (Ph.D.) and Walden University (Ph.D., Administration and Management). Director of Nutrition for General Nutrition Centers, Dr. Redmon has authored Managing And Preventing Arthritis: The Natural Alternatives, Minerals: What Your Body Really Needs And Why, and Managing And Preventing Prostate Disturbances: The Natural Alternatives