Gemmotherapy Cornus sanguinea (Dogwood)

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Cornus sanguinea, or Dogwood is a shrub that can grow up to five metres high. There are forty species of Dogwood which are found widespread in the woods, hedgerows, and forest edges. The wood is hard and it has an extensive root system that fixes the ground.[1]

Key notes

  • Brings endocrine function into balance[2]
  • Anti-necrotic (in first stages of post infarct)
  • Anticoagulant (for sticky, thick, or elevated platelets)

Therapeutic actions

  • Enhances the normal physiology of clotting, thereby maintaining blood fluidity
  • Prevents impending infarction
  • Anti-necrotic properties on tissues
  • Drains arteries on the arterial level and is anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-thrombotic remedy
  • Stimulates bone marrow
  • Stimulates kupffer cells of the liver

Clinical indications


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