Gemmotherapy Quercus robur (Oak)

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Quercus robur or Oak, is a tree that can grow up to fifty metres high. It grows very slowly and can take up to fifty years to give its first acorn. This tree is found in all forests of the Northern Hemisphere, in cool, moist, and well drained soil, acidic or limestone, but cannot tolerate to live in the shade of other trees (such as in the shadow of the European Beech). This tree is deeply rooted in the ground, with a straight, strong trunk. It's wood is known to be one of the hardest, being widely used in carpentry and cabinet making. [1]

Key notes

  • General tonic[2]
  • Adrenal tonic
  • Stimulates testosterone production
  • Antiviral

Therapeutic actions

  • Properties are mainly directed towards the nervous and glandular system
  • Stimulates the pituitary gland and has polyendocrine action
  • Tonic of the reticulo-endothelial system
  • Tonic
  • Stimulates testosterone production
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Antiviral

Clinical indications

  • Endocrine: Impotence, frigidity
  • Cardiovascular: Hypotension
  • Mouth: Invigorates the alveolar-dental wall, indicated in parodontitis and bleeding or soft gums, healing properties on the gingival mucosa
  • Skin: recurring herpes, furonculosis


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