Gemmotherapy Sequoia Gigantea (Giant redwood)

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Sequoia Gigantea or Giant redwood is a large tree that casts its crown up to one hundred and twenty meters high. It can live up to 4000 years and is the largest tree in the world, with a trunk diameter ranging from three to seven meters. Its roots are shallow and small for its size. Unlike other conifers, it produces young shoots at the base of the tree. The scale leaves are found arranged around the twig are are rigid and pointy.[1]

Key notes

Therapeutic actions

  • Main site of action is on the glandular and nervous system
  • Adrenal tonic
  • Efficient antisenescent in the elderly
  • Sexual tonic
  • Mental and general tonifying remedy
  • Powerful hepatic drainer, useful for a congested liver
  • Stimulates the metabolism of osteoblasts

Clinical indications


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