Gemmotherapy Zea mays (Maize)

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Zea mais or Corn, is a tall monoecious herb that is native to Central America. It is a sturdy plant, growing up to two metres high. The stem bears alternate leaves, banded and based sheathing. Halfway up to the stem, female flowers grow in long spikes surrounded with glumes. The male flowers explode in terminal panicles. Corn has been the main food in Central and South America for centuries.[1]

Key notes

Therapeutic actions

  • Has some properties at the cardiac level
  • Active in coronary heart disease
  • Selective anti-inflammatory of the arteries and myocardium
  • Produces a fall in blood transaminase (AST/ALT) levels
  • Considered a kidney and liver drainer
  • Diuretic properties

Clinical indications


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