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The HLA-B27 test, formally known as the human leukocyte Antigen B27 test, is used to determine the hiscompatibility for organ or other tissue transplantation. As these antigens are found with certain diseases, this test is used to support their diagnosis. HLA testing is also used in paternity investigations. [1], [2]


  • HLA antigens are found to exist on the surface of white blood cells (WBCs) as well as on the surface of all nucleated cells in other tissues.
  • These antigens are detected on the surface of lymphocyes and can assist in the diagnosis of certain diseases.
  • HLA-B27 in particular has been used in the diagnosis of diseases such as Reiter syndrome, Ankylosing spondylitis, Graves disease, and Celiac disease to name a few.

Patient Preparation

  • No fasting required.
  • Factors which can cause increased levels
  • None noted
  • Factors which can cause decreased levels
  • None noted

Clinical Implications

High levels indicate:

Associated Tests


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