Healing Children's Attention & Behaviour Disorders, Complementary Nutritional & Psychological Treatments

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Author: Abram Hoffer
Published: July 2004
Publisher: CCNM Press
Number of pages: 342 pages
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Product Description:

This work offers new hope for children with ADD and behavioural disorders. Food allergies and nutrient deficiency are the predominant causes of chronic attention and behaviour disorders, says Dr Hoffer, who has treated over 2,000 children. Nutritional therapy is superior to pharmaceutical, psychotherapeutic, and surgical intervention in treating these disorders. Nutritional therapy for both physical and mental illness restores well-being with a combination of optimum nutrition from common foods and vitamin and mineral supplements. The book features: case studies; guides to the nutrient content of common foods; optimum diet plans; and, guides to vitamin and mineral supplements for children, with recommended dosages.

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