Healing the Highly Allergic Family: Including Test Ordering Information (Volume 2)

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Author: Dr. Steve Nenninger NMD
Published: April 2011
Publisher: Createspace
Number of pages: 34 pages
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Product Description: Healing the Highly Allergic Family is a book based on my 17 years of naturopathic medical practice. As a naturopathic doctor we always look for the underlying cause of disease. When I graduated school I was pretty convinced that allergies did not have a big role to play in health. However, now that I understand delayed effect allergies (IgG) I can see how many of my patients have been affected by these hidden allergies. Includes information on how to order the test for yourself and your family.

About the author Dr. Steve Nenninger NMD A Connecticut State Licensed Naturopathic Physician, Arizona and California State Licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctor. Working with clients in NYS under a New York State Nutrition Certification