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Hematuria refers to the presence of blood in the urine. Hematuria can be either microscopic, meaning it is found only upon urinalysis, or macroscopic, meaning it is clearly visible to the human eye. It is one of many urinary symptoms that indicate an underlying problem. While hematuria is most commonly benign, it can indicate underlying pathology. [1]

Naturopathic Assessment

Effectively treating dysuria is dependent on properly identifying the associated conditions.

Associated Conditions

Hematuria is associated with the following conditions:[1][2]


  • Based on clinical presentation, imaging including upper urinary tract imaging using CT scan may be indicated. [1]

Naturopathic Treatments

It is important to identify the etiology of hematuria in order to appropriately direct treatment.


Reviewed by Iva Lloyd, BScH, RPE, ND [1]

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