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Argentum nitricum is a key remedy used for anxiety associated with anticipating an event and for performance anxiety. It is also used for neurotic effects of the brain and spinal symptoms, as well as for prolonged mental exertion.


  • Other names: Silver Nitrate or Nitrate of Silver
  • Short Form: Arg-n


The following are the main indications for Argentum nitricum:[1], [2]

  • Anxiety which is associated with impulsivity and a need to keep busy, but accomplishing nothing. Anxiety and nervousness can result in loose stools. Anxiety is associated with frequenct errors of perception, such as hurrying restlessly to complete a task with the notion that time is running out, when in reality there is more than adequate time left.
  • Vertigo associated with general debility and trembling from nervous weakness. The vertigo can be so severe that it can cause momentary blindness in association with mental confusion, buzzing in the ears, nausea, and trembling.
  • Locomotor ataxia or defective coordination of muscles.
  • Headache with coldness and trembling
  • Back pain in the lumbo-sacral region. Back pain may be associated with pain in the small of the back which is very severe when rising from a sitting position, but relieved by walking.

Other common conditions: functional paralysis, gastralgia, granular or purulent conjunctivitis


  • Triggers: apprehension, fear or fright, eating ice cream, strain and worry, handkerchief covering mouth, crowded room, singing, tobacco
  • General: prolonged mental exertion, extroverted and cheerful
  • Worse: at night and eleven a.m., cold air, sweets, after eating, before and during menstrual period, from emotions or anxiety, with crowds, lying on right side
  • Better: eructation, <u>fresh air or cold air, cold bath, bending double, pressure, motion, stimulants, warm drinks
  • Psychological: anxiety and nervousness, uncontrollable impulsivity, melancholic, time passes slowly
  • Other symptoms: Sensation as if affected area is expanding or swelling, splinter-like pains in throat on swallowing, trembling in affected parts
  • Food and drink: craves sugar

Prescribing Considerations

Homeopathic remedies are prescribed based on homeopathic principles and after a detailed case taking. The prescription recommendations below are provided only as a guide. It is always recommended to consult with a naturopathic doctor or homeopathic practitioner prior to taking any homeopathic remedies, especially if your health is compromised or if your symptoms do not resolve in a timely fashion. The general recommendations for Argentum nitricum include:[3]

  • Argentum nitricum can be used for both acute and chronic conditions
  • It can be dosed frequently in acute conditions
  • Dosage prescribed based on vitality of the person


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