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Journals published by the National, State and Provincial Naturopathic Associations

  • E-Link is a monthly on-line newsletter that is distributed to all Canadian Association of Naturopathic Medicine members that highlight national and provincial updates, news and events, calendar (e.g., malpractice renewals), Health Canada Advisories, NDs on the Cutting Edge, affiliate announcements, environmental news, conferences/CE, classifieds and continuing education, insurance articles. Its aim is to keep members updated about upcoming conferences, research opportunities, government affairs, general health news and job opportunities.[1]
  • OAND Pulse is a quarterly journal that provides updates on the Ontario Assocation of Naturopathic Doctors (OAND), CE and convention updates and reviews, updates on OAND government affairs, member advantage programs, overview of members in the media, and clinical practice and other ND related topics.[2]
  • BCNA Bulletin is the quarterly newsletter that hightlights naturopathic news from British Columbia, articles that highlight issues pertainant to the profession, highlights of events and news across Canada.[3]
  • Your Health is the quarterly newsletter for the public that profiles NDs in British Columbia, provides articles on general health news, provides updates and information on BC scope of practice and government updates.[4]