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Industry Related Journals

There are many differnet Journals that support and promote the practice of naturopathic medicine including:

  • Alternative Medicine Review [1] Alternative Medicine Review, an independent medical journal, published quarterly, has been in continuous publication since 1996 and is the leading peer-reviewed journal designed for sharing information on the practical use of alternative and complementary therapies. Since its inception, the journal has promoted the practice of alternative therapies in a way that provides for a rational, individualized, and comprehensive approach to health care.
  • Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine [2] The official journal of the International Society of Orthomolecular Medicine aims to advance knowledge and imporve the practice of orthomolecular medicine by educating practitioners of orthomolecular medicine, inspiring scholars, students and future leaders with novel, relevant and high quality metabolic research, clinical studies and reports, informative topic reviews and well-argued commentaries.
  • Townsend Letter[3] Since 1983, Townsend Letter has been publishing a print alternative medicine magazine. As a forum for the entire alternative medicine community, we present scientific information on a wide variety of alternative medicine topics.