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Article from the Natural Medicine Journal [1] published by American Association of Naturopathic Physicians

Author Title Journal Type
Skowron Jared A Spoonful of Peanut Butter Helps the Veggies Go Down 2011 December [2]
Schor Jacob "Aspirin to Prevent Breast Cancer" 2011 December [3]
Alschuler Lise "Who Makes These Dietary Supplements, Anyway?" 2011 December [4]
Natural Standard "The Research Behind Vitamin E" 2011 December [5] Peer-reviewed
Lang Renee "Benefits of Integrative Cancer Treatments for Lung Cancer Patients" 2011 December [6]
Alschuler Lise "BRCA Methylation Implicated in Breast Cancer Carcinogenesis" 2011 December [7]
Schor Jacob "Clowns Help Children with Respiratory Infections Get Well Faster" 2011 December [8]
Neubauer Katherine "Alcohol Consumption and Risk of Colorectal Cancer" 2011 December [9]
Uzick Michael "Weight Lifting Prevents Lymphedema After Breast Cancer Surgery" 2011 November [10]
Marshall Keri "Low Levels of the Essential Fatty Acid DHA Associated With Greater Military Suicide Risk" 2011 November [11] Abstract
Mackay Douglas Dietary Supplements and Mortality Rate in Older Women 2011 November [12] Abstract
Kaczor Tina Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer Causes Long-Term Heart Toxicity 2011 November [13] Abstract
Neurbauer Katherine Are Breast Thermograms Accurate Enough to Use? 2011 November [14] Abstract
Schor Jacob Dark Chocolate Reduces Exercise-Induced Oxidative Stress 2011 November [15] Abstract
Espinosa Geo Selenium and Vitamin E Cancer Prevention Trial (SELECT) and the Risk of Prostate Cancer 2011 November [16] Abstract
Hudson Tori Specific Applications of Omega 3s for Cardiovascular Disease 2011 November [17] Peer-reviewed
Natural Standard Vitamin B12 2011 November [18] Peer-reviewed
Alschuler Lise Recalls of Dietary Supplements 2011 November [19] Quality Standards
Kaczor Tina Developments in Women's Health 2011 November [20] Interview
Schor Jacob "Night Shift Work Decreases Risk of Melanoma" 2011 October [21] Abstract
Kaczor Tina "Glucosamine May Lower Lung Cancer Risk" 2011 October [22] Abstact
Schor Jacob "Broccoli:Alternatives to Eating it Raw" 2011 October [23] Abstract
Natural Standard "The Many Uses of 5-HTP" 2011 October [24] Peer-reviewed
Alschuler Lise "Ensuring Probiotic Quality" 2011 October [25]
Gazella Karolyn "Preventing Chronic Disease, Interview with Eric Ding" 2011 October [26] Interview
Kaczor Tina "AHCC and Cancer, Interview with Geo Espinosa" 2011 October [27] Interview
Toomasi, Christine Long-Term Effects of a Lifestyle Intervention on Weight and Cardiovascular Risk 2011 September [28] Abstract
Fleetwood Christie "Antidepressants and Dementia: More Risk than Benefit?" 2011 September [29] Abstract
Schor Jacob "Berberine Calms GI Upset From Radiation Therapy" 2011 September [30] Abstract
Chasse Jaclyn "Colic Improves with Acupuncture" 2011 September [31] Abstract
Appleton Jeremy "Turmeric and Frankincense in Inflammation: An Update" 2011 September [32] Peer-reviewed
Natural Standard "The Many Uses for Vitamin B6" 2011 September [33] Monograph
Alshuler Lise The Truth About Medical Foods 2011 September [34] Article
Gazella Karolyn A Botanical Interventions for Children's Health Issues 2011 September [35] Interview
Kaczor Tina Reconsidering Vitamin D: Interview with Alan Gaby, MD 2011 September [36] Interview
Schor Jacob Health Effects of Tart Cherries 2011 August [37] Abstract
Natural Standard The Latest Research on Vitamin D 2011 August [38] Monograph
Sabin Glenn Six Easy Steps to Creating and Integrative Practice 2011 August [39] Practice
Alschuler Lise The World in a Capsule 2011 August [40] Practice
Schor Jacob Restless Leg Syndrome and Melatonin. Is there a link betweeen the two? 2011 August [41] Review
Kaczor Tina Multiple Pesticide Exposure Increases Lymphoma Risk 2011 August [42] Review
Toomasi Christine Dietary Intervention in Infancy and Later Signs of Beta-Cell Autoimmunity 2011 August [43] Review
Silliman Teresa Time for a Siesta? 2011 August [44] Review
Murray Michael Magnesium Supplementation Reduces Hot Flashes in Women with Breat Cancer 2011 August Review
Hudson Tori Hibiscus, Hawthorn, and the Heart 2011 July [45] Peer-reviewed
Natural Standard Zinc 2011 July [46] Monograph
Alschuler Lise The Who, What, When, Where, and Why of Serious Adverse Event Reporting 2011 July [47]
Kaczor Tina Conducting Research in a Private Practice 2011 July [48] Interviews with Experts
Kaczor Tina Alpha Tocopheryl Succinate in Cancer Care 2011 June [49]
Brusewitz Jennifer Cell Phones' Effects on the Brain 2011 June [50]
Natural Standard Acupuncture Monograph 2011 June [51] Monograph
Alschuler Lise Onsite Manufacturing Audits 2011 June [52] Practice
Crinnion Walter The Link Between Toxin Exposure and Chronic Illness 2011 June [53] Podcast
Ritz Barry W, Hyung Michael, Lee Joo Probiotics in Functional Bowel Disorders 2011 June [54]
Schor Jacob Green Tea and L-Thenine in Cognitive Impairment Disorders 2011 June [55] Abstract
Trub Michael Serum Phospholipids and Prostate Cancer 2011 June [56] Abstract
Gazella Karolyn Canadian Researcher Michael Lyon, MD, Explains the Role PolyGlycopleX Can Play in Reversing Obesity 2011 June [57] Interview with Expert
Schor Jacob Prunes Act as Laxatives 2011 May [58] Abstract
Schor Jacob Kefir Beats Yogurt in H. pylori Treatment 2011 May [59] Abstract
Killpartrick Adam Cranial Therapy Shows Potential for Enhancing the Body's Ability to Produce Nitric Oxide 2011 May [60] Abstract
Kaczor Tina Fish Oil Improves Chemotherapy Effects in Lung Cancer Patients 2011 May [61] Abstract
Traub Michael Finasteride's Effect on Prostate Cancer 2011 May [62] Abstract
Alschuler Lise Change is Good, Right? 2011 May [63]
Natural Standard Glucosamine 2011 May [64] Monograph
Ritz Barry W. Probiotics for the Prevention of Childhood Eczema 2011 May [65] Peer-reviewed
Chasse Jaclyn Insulin Sensitizers in the Treatment of PCOS 2011 April [66] Abstract
Johnson Christopher Primary Homeopathic Treatment of Cancers of the Pancreas, Stomach, Gallbladder, and Liver 2011 April [67]
Schor Jacob Fecal Flora Transplantation In the Treatment of Colonic and Metabolic Disease 2011 April [68] Abstract
Baral Matthew Lactobacillus Reuteri DSM 17938 Appears to Reduce Colic' 2011 April [69] Abstract
Espinosa Geo Cranberries in the Treatment of Male Urinary Tract Problems 2011 April [70]
Christianson Alan, Kaczor Tina Nutrient Profile: Iodine 2011 April [71] Peer-reviewed
Alschuler Lise Radiation in Dietary Supplements 2011 April [72]
MacKay Douglas Healthcare Professionals Have Responsibility Not to Promote Misleading Ingredients 2011 April [73]
Gazella Karolyn Integrative Medicine Visionary, Rachel Naomi Remen, MD, Recognized at Recent Healthcare Symposium 2011 April [74] Healthcare Perspective
Kaczor Tina Effects of Radiation Exposure 2011 April [75] Clinical Roundtable
Gazella Karolyn Researcher Interview: Misha Ruth Cohen, OMD, LAc 2011 April [76] Interview
Dean Carolyn Association of Oral Magnesium With Type 2 Diabetes 2011 March [77] Abstract
Kaczor Tina Shark Cartilage Fails to Benefit Lung Cancer Patients 2011 March [78] Abstract
Austin Steve Vitamin E Protects Patients from Cisplatin-induced Neuropathy 2011 March [79] Abstract
Schor Jacob Sesame Oil and Diabetes 2011 March [80] Abstract
Murray Michael T Magnesium Citrate Improves Vision in Normotensive Glaucoma 2011 March [81] Abstract
Kalai Selvan V, Vijayakumar A, Kumar Suresh, Singh G.N. Lycopene's Effects on Health and Diseases 2011 March [82] Peer-reviewed
Alschuler Lise The Winding, Global Path of Dietary Supplements 2011 March [83]
Saunders Paul Richard Acupuncture vs Metoclopramide for Postoperative Gastroparesis Syndrome 2011 February [84] Abstract
Schor Jacob Risk of Ischemic Stroke Doubles After a Cup of Coffee 2011 February [85] Abstract
Psota Erin Hypertension Leads to Learning and Attention Problems in Children 2011 February [86] Abstract
Silliman Teresa Maitake Induces Ovulation in People with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome' 2011 February [87] Abstract
Kaczor Tina Medical Qigong Improves Quality of Life, Mood, and Energy in Cancer Patients 2011 February [88] Abstract
Schor Jacob The Multifaceted Role of Mast Cells in Cancer 2011 February [89] Peer-reviewed
Jones Dean P The Health Dividend of Glutathione 2011 February [90] Peer-reviewed
Alschuler Lise Beyond Testing: Ensuring Supplement Quality 2011 February [91] NHPs
Schor Jacob Chocolate Intake and Heart Failure Incidence, Study finds lower risk of heart failure in women who moderately consume chocolate 2011 January [92] Abstract
Ryan Susan Vitamin D and Depression, Study reflects a direct relationship between vitamin D deficiency and depression 2011 January [93] Abstract
Kaczor Tina Daily Aspirin May Reduce Risk of Cancer Death 2011 January [94] Abstract
Hangee-Bauer Carl Acupuncture and Stroke Recovery 2011 January [95] Abstract
Budoff Matthew J Aged Garlic Extract Lowers Blood Pressure 2011 January [96] Abstract
Ryan Susan, Gazella Karolyn Evaluation of S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine (SAMe) as Primary or Adjuvant Treatment of Depression 2011 January [97] Peer-Reviewed
Ritz Barry Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC) and Immune Outcomes in Humans: A Review 2011 January [98] Peer-Reviewed
Gazella Karolyn Rick Marinelli, ND, Discusses the Advancement of Pain Research, Care, and Education 2011 January [99] Interview
Alschuler Lise Green Tea Consumption and Breast Cancer Risk 2010 December [100] Abstract
Benda Bill Horse-assisted Therapy Appears to Improve Balance in People With Multiple Sclerosis 2010 December [101] Abstract
Kaczor Tina Improvement in Cognition and Mood with Multivitamin/Mineral in Healthy Males 2010 December [102] Abstract
Psota Erin Infants’ Health Affected by Mothers’ Prenatal Anxiety 2010 December [103] Abstract
Schor Jacob Coffee Lowers Brain Tumor Risk 2010 December [104] Abstract
Bongiorno Peter, LoGiudice Pina Hypericum for Depression 2010 December [105] Peer-reviewed
Shao Andrew, Mackay Douglas A Commentary on the Nutrient-Chronic Disease Relationship and the New Paradigm of Evidence-Based Nutrition 2010 December [106] Peer-reviewed
Austin Steve Selenium & Prostate Cancer: Untangling the Web of Conflicting Data 2010 December [107] Abstract
Calabrese Carlo Does CAM Access Reduce Healthcare Expenditures? 2010 November[108] Abstract
Kaczor Tina The Use of Curcumin with Gemcitabine in Patients With Advanced Pancreatic Cancer 2010 November[109] Abstract
Ryan Susan Effects of DHEA and Exercise on Strength and Function in Older, Frail Women 2010 November[110] Abstract
Schor Jacob Mediterranean Diet and Mortality: A Second Meta-Analysis 2010 November[111] Abstract
Kaczor Tina Coenzyme Q10 in Parkinson’s Disease: Ready for First Line Use? 2010 November[112] Peer-reviewed
Kamhi Ellen, Zampieron Eugene Naturopathic Approaches to Preventing and Treating Osteoporosis 2010 November[113] Peer-reviewed
Espinosa Geo Effects of Diet and Supplements on Prostate Cancer Risk 2010 November[114] Abstract
Mitchell Jessica Prebiotics and Probiotics in Young Children 2010 October [115] Abstract
Schor Jacob Blueberries Decrease Insulin Resistance 2010 October [116] Abstract
Schor Jacob Dietary Lignans Improve Breast Cancer Survival 2010 October [117] Abstract
Marchese Marianne Parabens and Breast Cancer 2010 October [118] Peer-reviewed
Steriti Ronald Berberine for Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 2010 October [119] Peer-reviewed
Austin Steve Oral Magnesium Again Reported to Help Asthma Sufferers in a Randomized Trial 2010 September [120] Abstract
MacKay Douglas Calcium for Strong Bones: Do Benefits Outweigh Risks? 2010 September [121] Abstract
Schor Jacob Mediterranean Diet Lowers Gastric Cancer Risk 2010 September [122] Abstract
Henderson Jenna Dietary Considerations in Chronic Kidney Disease 2010 September Peer-reviewed
Austin Steve Glucosamine and Chondroitin Pharmacokinetics Produce Unexpected Results 2010 August [123] Abstract
Alschuler Lise Vegetables Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence 2010 August [124] Abstract
Schor Jacob Selenium Fails to Protect Against Lung Cancer 2010 August [125] Abstract
Mitchell Jessica Rethinking Zinc Supplementation as a Treatment for Pediatric Pneumonia 2010 August [126] Abstract
Clinton Catherine Development of the Infant Immune Function and the Effects of Breast Milk 2010 August [127] Peer-reviewed
Kaczor Tina The Therapeutic Effects of Acetyl-L-Carnitine on Peripheral Neuropathy: A Review of the Literature 2010 August [128] Peer-reviewed
Austin Steve Fish Oil Reduces Chronic Pain in Case Studies 2010 July [129] Abstract
Baral Matthew Early Pregnancy Folate Status and Childhood Hyperactivity 2010 July [130] Abstract
Kaczor Tina Chocolate Éclairs Treat Prostate Cancer? 2010 July [131] Abstract
Schor Jacob Cherry Juice Eases Pain of Running Race Participants 2010 July [132] Abstract
Schor Jacob Pistachios Improve Lipid Profiles: The Growing Case for Eating Nuts 2010 July [133] Abstract
When Doctor Becomes Patient, Featuring Interviews with Lise Alschuler, ND, FABNO; Kelly Marie Fitzpatrick, ND; Mona Morstein, ND; and Susan Ryan, DO 2010 July Clinical Roundtable (Audio)
Lynn Alexis Building a Framework for Healthcare: Institute for Functional Medicine Part of Every Clinician’s Toolkit 2010 July [134] Community Profile
Plavnick Matt Naturopathic Residency Program Advances Integrative Training 2010 July [135] Healthcare Perspective
Schor Jacob Marinades Reduce Heterocyclic Amines from Primitive Food Preparation Techniques 2010 July [136] Peer-reviewed
Gazella Karolyn Exploring the Association Between Sleep Loss and Illness with Sleep Research Expert Thomas J. Balkin, PhD, Chief of the Department of Behavioral Biology at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (Audio) 2010 July [137] Interview
Austin Steve Topical Capsaicin Reduces Migraine Pain in a Randomized Trial 2010 June [138] Abstract
Benda Bill Flower Power Revisited 2010 June [139] Abstract
Dean Carolyn Use of Serum Magnesium Measurements to Exclude Magnesium Deficiency is Cause for Concern 2010 June [140] Abstract
Schor Jacob Chicken Skin and Eggs Increase Risk of Prostate Cancer Recurrence 2010 June [141] Abstract
Lynn Alexis The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians Encourages Transformation in Legislation 2010 June [142] Community Profile
Gazella Karolyn Confronting Cancer: A Report From the 17th International Symposium on Functional Medicine 2010 June [143] Healthcare Perspective
Kaczor Tina The Anti-Inflammatory and Chemopreventative Effects of Chai Tea 2010 June [144] Peer-Reviewed
Qureshi Irfan, Endres John R Citicoline: A Novel Therapeutic Agent with Neuroprotective, Neuromodulatory and Neurogenerative Properties 2010 June [145] Peer-reviewed
Hudson Tori, Bush Bradley The Role of Cortisol in Sleep 2010 June [146] Peer-reviewed
Alschuler Lise Scientific Evidence Confirms the Influence of Diet on Breast Cancer Risk 2010 May [147] Abstract
Austin Steve Berberine Lowers Glucose Levels in Type 2 Diabetes 2010 May [148] Abstract
Dean Carolyn Effect of Oral Magnesium Supplementation on Asthma 2010 May [149] Abstract
Murray Michael T A 3-month Study of a Salt-restricted Diet Demonstrates Reduced Calcium Excretion 2010 May [150] Abstract
Schor Jacob Chocolate Lowers Blood Pressure in High-risk Patients 2010 May [151] Abstract
Schor Jacob Good News and Bad News About Chocolate 2010 May [152] Abstract
Gazella Karolyn Discussing ORAC, Flavonoids, and the Impact of Antioxidant Status on Health with Senior USDA Researcher Ronald L. Prior, PhD (Audio) 2010 May [153] Interview
Lynn Alexis American Holistic Medical Association Strives to Create a Healthy World Through Holistic Medicine 2010 May [154] Community Profile
Schor Jacob The Influence of Quercetin on Exercise Performance and Muscle Mitochondria 2010 May [155] Peer-reviewed
Natural Standard Research Collaboration An Evidence-Based Review of Qi Gong 2010 May [156] Peer-reviewed
Babbush Charles A, Kagan Daniel, Madhavi Doddabele, Rubido Alexander The Efficacy of a Toothpaste Containing Coenzyme Q10-β-Cyclodextrin Inclusion Complex in Reducing Mild to Moderate Gingivitis 2010 May [157] Peer-reviewed
Austin Steve Probiotics Reduce Duration of the Common Cold in the Elderly 2010 April [158] Abstract
Baral Matthew Probiotics and Pregnant Women 2010 April [159] Abstract
Jennings Kelly Green Amyloid β -protein of Alzheimer’s Disease: More than Just a Plaque 2010 April [160] Abstract
Prenguber Marcia Can Soy Food Intake Influence Breast Cancer Survival? 2010 April [161] Abstract
Schor Jacob Beer Drinking and Bone Density 2010 April [162] Abstract
Gazella Karolyn Haiti: Integrative Medicine Practitioners Passionately Respond to the Devastation. Featuring James Gordon, MD, Mark Hyman, MD, Kelly Jennings, ND, and Sabine Thomas, ND 2010 April Interview
Alschuler Lise, Birdsall Tim, Reilly Paul Perspectives on Integrative Cancer Care(Audio) 2010 April Clinical Roundtable
Lynn Alexis Environmental Awareness: Eradicating Disease by Treating the Cause is the Key to the American Academy of Environmental Medicine’s Mission 2010 April [163] Community Profile
Natural Standard Research Collaboration An Evidence-based Review of Garlic and its Hypolipidemic Properties' 2010 April [164] Peer-reviewed
Chang Joe C Acupuncture for the Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Review of Evidence-Based Research 2010 April [165] Peer-reviewed
Kaczor Tina L-Carnosine’s Effects on Cataract Development 2010 April [166] Peer-reivewed
MacKay Douglas, Shao Andrew Clarification of the Recent Herb Interaction Study 2010 March [167] Abstract
Hudson Tori Ginkgo is Effective for Relief of PMS Symptoms 2010 March [168] Abstract
Schor Jacob Data Clearly Links Soda Consumption to Pancreatic Cancer 2010 March [169] Abstract
Weiss S.A. Decker The Effects of Fish Oils on Aging 2010 March [170] Abstract
Gazella Karolyn Exploring The Concept of Integrative Community Health Centers with Cindy Breed, ND (Audio) 2010 March [171] Interview
Lynn Alexis Collaboration is Key to the American Chiropractic Association' 2010 March [172] Community Profile
Howard Karen AANP Opposes Proposed Supplement-Related Senate Bill 2010 March [173] Healthcare Perspective
Marsden Tracy Bioidentical Hormone Replacement: Guiding Principles for Practice 2010 March [174] Peer-reviewed
Hodsdon Wendy, Zwicker Heather NMJ Original Research:Reproducibility and Reliability of Two Food Allergy Testing Methods 2010 March [175] Peer-reviewed
Resnick Corey Nutritional Protocol for the Treatment of Intestinal Permeability Defects and Related Conditions 2010 March [176] Peer-reviewed
Mackay Douglas Are Antidepressant Drugs Effective? 2010 February Abstract
Austin Steve Niacin Beats Zetia as an Addition to Statin Therapy in a Randomized Trial 2010 February Abstract
Collins Joseph J Efficacy of a Systemic Enzyme Formulation in the Treatment of Shoulder Tendonitis 2010 February Abstract
Schor Jacob Does Mistletoe Help Cancer Patients? 2010 February Abstract
Wulsin William F Calcium Supplementation May Lower Blood Pressure' 2010 February Abstract
Emmons Henry, Gordon James S, Hangee-Bauer Carl, Gahles Nancy Clinical Challenge Question: Regarding the integrative treatment of depression, what aspects are often overlooked or poorly understood in clinical practice? 2010 February Clinical Roundtable
Weidner Miriam Clinician Considerations for Assessing Dietary Supplement Quality 2010 February [177] Healthcare Perspective
Gazella Karolyn Lori Knutson, RN: Helping Build an Integrative Healthcare Model For Our Nation 2010 February [178] Interview
Kaczor Tina An Overview of Melatonin and Breast Cancer 2010 February [179] Peer-reviewed
Hudson Tori D-ribose in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Cardiac Disease' 2010 February Nutraceutical Profile
Natural Standard Research Collaboration A Thorough Analysis of the Safety Profile of St. John’s Wort 2010 February Interactions
Blumenthal Mark Ginkgo in the News:Important Clarification of New Ginkgo biloba Study 2010 January [180] Abstract
Hudson Tori Hibiscus and Lipid Profile in DM II 2010 January [181] Abstract
Murray Michael T Tamiflu: The Emperor Has No Clothes 2010 January [182] Abstract
Porter Stephany Phytoestrogen Influence on ER+ Breast Cancer Cells 2010 January [183] Abstract
Ryan Linda Does Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract Have a Role in Early Stage Diabetic Nephropathy Management? 2010 January [184] Abstract
Schor Jacob Thymoquinone Augments Chemotherapy Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer 2010 January [185] Abstract
Howard Karen The Future of Naturopathic Medicine 2010 January Healthcare Perspective
Schor Jacob Emotions and Health: Laughter Really is Good Medicine 2010 January [186] Peer-reviewed
Kagan Daniel, Madhavi Doddabele, Bank Ginny, Lachlan Kenneth “Universal” and “Reliable” Bioavailability Claims: Criteria That May Increase Physician Confidence in Nutritional Supplements 2010 January
Appleton Jeremy Evaluating the Bioavailability of Isoquercetin 2010 January Neutraceutical Profile
Gazella Karolyn Discussing the Therapeutic Use of Cannabis sativa with oncologist Donald Abrams, MD: Can Medical Marijuana Play a Role in Clinical Practice? (Audio) 2010 January [187] Interview