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Articles from the Natural Medicine Journal [1] published by American Association of Naturopathic Physicians

Author Title Journal Type
Kitadate, Kentaro and Homma, Kohei Effect of Lychee Fruit Extract (Oligonol) on Periperal Circulation, a Pilot Study July 2014, Vol.6 Issue 7 Peer-Reviewed Articles
Morstein, Mona & Schor, Jacob Cinnamon and Blood Sugar Revisited July 2014, Vol.6 Issue 7 Abstracts & Commentary
Kaczor, Tina Iodine and Cancer June 2014, Vol.6 Issue 6 [2] Peer-Reviewed Articles
Schor, Jacob Do Statins Increase Risk of Breast Cancer? June 2014, Vol.6 Issue 6 [3] Abstracts & Commentary
Grigel Kaycie Lycopene, Tomatoes, and Prostate Cancer June 2014, Vol.6 Issue 6 [4] Abstracts & Commentary
Campbell, Carmen Systematic Review of Fecal Microbiota Transplantation for Clostridium difficile June 2014, Vol.6 Issue 6 [5] Abstracts & Commentary
Elmore, Lindsey Treatment of Dermal Infections with Topical Coconut Oil May 2014, Vol.6 Issue 5

[6] || Peer-Reviewed Articles

DiPasquale, Robin Effect of Ashwagandha on Tests of Cognitive and Psychomotor Performance May 2014, Vol.6 Issue 5 [7] Abstracts & Commentary
Schor, Jacob High-Protein Diets and Longevity May 2014, Vol.6 Issue 5 [8] Abstracts & Commentary
Abrams, Donald and Werner, Clint Marijuana in the Management of Diabetes May 2014, Vol.6 Issue 5 [9] Abstracts & Commentary
West, Kirsten Topical Curcumin for the Prevention of Oral Mucositis in Pediatric Patients May 2014, Vol. 6 Issue 5 [10] Abstracts & Commentary
Schor, Jacob 27-Hydroxycholesterol Promotes Some Breast Cancer Growth April 2014 [11] Abstracts & Commentary
Tais, Setareh Ashwagandha for Male Infertility April 2014 [12] Abstracts & Commentary
Plotnikoff, Gregory A Vitamin D Supplementation Potentially Helpful for Chronic Urticaria April 2014 [13] Abstracts & Commentary
Bradley, Ryan Job Stress and Dyslipidemia April 2014 [14] Abstracts & Commentary
Alschuler, Lise Treatment Considerations for Generalized Anxiety Disorder April 2014 [15] Peer-Reviewed Articles
Hudson, Tori Making Sense of Screening Mammography Recommendations April 2014 [16] Healthcare Perspectives
Kaczor, Tina Environmental Toxins Increase Parkinson's Risk March 2014[17] Abstracts & Commentary
Schor, Jacob Flaxseed Reduces High Blood Pressure March 2014[18] Abstracts & Commentary
Bier, Ian Aromatase Inhibitors May Prevent Cancer March 2014 [19] Abstracts & Commentary
Cook Bedell, Sarah Sugar Consumption Linked to Death From Cardiovascular Disease March 2014[20] Abstracts & Commentary
Kaczor, Tina Recent OncANP Conference Delivers Exceptional Content March 2014[21] Healthcare Perspectives
Gazella, Karolyn A Integrative Cancer Experts Weigh in on Recent Conference March 2014 [22] Healthcare Perspectives
Baral, Matthew The Effects of Green Space on Stress February 2014 [23] Abstracts & Commentary
Hausenblas, Heather Resveratrol in Diabetes Care February 2014[24] Abstracts & Commentary
Schor, Jacob Beet Juice as a Physical Performance Enhancer February 2014[25] Abstracts & Commentary
Cook Bedell, Sarah Vitamin E in the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease February 2014[26] Abstracts & Commentary
Loschert, Amy Ginseng as a Remedy for Chemo Fatigue February 2014[27] Abstracts & Commentary
MacKay, Douglas Are Multivitamins a Waste of Money? February 2014[28] Healthcare Perspectives
Green, Jen Identifying and Treating Metabolic Syndrome in Breast Cancer February 2014[29] Peer-Reviewed Articles