Phytochemistry & Pharmacy for Practitioners of Botanical Medicine

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Phyochemistry yarnell.jpg
Author: Eric Yarnell
Published: 2003
Publisher: Healing Mountain Publishing
Number of pages: 175 pages
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Product Description:

Responding to the dearth of high quality, professional level materials designed specifically for the natural medicine practitioner, respected botanical expert Eric Yarnell, ND, RH (AHG) has written an authoritative textbook that blends two interrelated realms of botanical medicine - phytochemistry and pharmacy - in a clinically-applicable manner. In addition to making foundational basic science data relevant to real world situations, Phytochemistry and Pharmacology for Practitioners of Botanical Medicine is designed as a reference regarding the preparation of effective botanical extracts, as well as evaluating the quality of extracts already prepared. Each major group of secondary plant metabolites is reviewed in the text, which also contains a lengthy section on the preparation of botanical extracts. Complete contents: Integration of plant metabolism; Solubility; Glycosides; Terpenoids, phenylpropanoids, and volatile oils; Tannins and proanthocyanidins; Carbohydrates; Proteins and lectins; Resins; Lipids and waxes; Alkaloids; Flavonoids; Lignans and lignins; Saponins and phytosterols; Botanical pharmacy; Factors influencing phytochemical synthesis; Appendix A (companies); Appendix B (Families associated with secondary constituents); Index; References.

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