Plant Medicine in Practice: Using the Teachings of John Bastyr

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Plant medicine mitchell.jpg
Author: Mitchell, William
Published: March 2003
Publisher: Churchill Livinstone
Number of pages: 272
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Product Description:

This unique book is derived from the teachings of the great eclectic naturopathic physician, John Bastyr - recognized by his peers as one of the greatest natural healers in the world. Through practical advice and insight drawn from Dr. Bastyr's notes, lectures, and writings, as well as the author's own clinical experiments with plants during 25 years of practice, this carefully compiled volume provides a distinctive picture of the man and his medicine.

Discussions of the author's actual experience with plants recount real-world findings in a clinical environment.

Accurate doses for herbal therapies are provided, disputing many of the "accepted" doses that are often too conservative to be effective.

Eclectic herbalism, a highly effective form of medicine, is introduced and taught so that the practitioner can adopt it in practice.

The preservation of Dr. Bastyr's knowledge and work occupies an important historical niche, providing unique and practical insight into the work of a key figure in the development of herbal medicine and the naturopathic tradition. Simple language and easy-to-understand discussions break down complex medicine into concepts that can be applied to practice.

Only clinically tried-and-true applications of the plant medicine are given, making this book concise, to-the-point, and relevant.

The use of lesser known plants provides coverage of remedies not commonly seen in recent studies.

An alphabetical organization according to physiological categories makes it easy to locate all the plants in a wide variety of categories, such as alteratives, skin remedies, astringents, diuretics, etc.

Anecdotal evidence based on the author's and Dr. Bastyr's findings show specific examples of the results that might be expected from the use of certain plants. Practical advice is offered rather than scientific evidence, comprehensively capturing a key piece of the tradition of herbal medicine.

About the Author:

Bill Mitchell is a co-founder of Bastyr University in Seattle, and a renowned “elder statesman” in herbal medicine