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Homeopathic Podophyllum is one of the most common remedies used for acute diarrhea. It is also beneficial in a number of chronic such as colitis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and in intestinal, liver, uterine and ovarian disorders.[1]


  • Plant: Podophyllum umbellatum, also known as May Apple
  • Short Form: Podo


The following are the main indications for Podophyllum.[2], [3]

Acute Conditions

  • Diarrhea with rumbling in the abdomen followed by painless, profuse diarrhea. Traveller's diarrhea or dysentery. Usually yellow, pasty, and putrid stools or could be watery and slimy. Weakness and sense of emptiness, faintness or sick feeling after stool. Early morning urgent diarrhea, forcing person out of bed. Often associated with gas. Sore liver. Raw, sore, prolapsed rectum.


  • Teething, difficult. Tooth pain better biting gums together. Grinding of gums in sleep. Perspiration of head during sleep, with cold face. Diarrhea with teething, yellow-green, watery gushing stools, without pain, gurgling bowels and hot, glowing cheeks. Worse in the summer and hot weather.

Other common conditions: Arthritis, Colitis, Gastroenteritis, Hepatitis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Ovarian cysts, Rectal prolapse, Uterine prolapse


  • Worse: hot weather, early morning, during dentition (teething)
  • Better: lying on the abdomen, rubbing the liver area
  • Psychological: fear of becoming seriously ill or dying, mental burnout from overwork
  • Other symptoms: sensation of hollowness and emptiness in the stomach, liver problems (liver feels sore under the right rib cage)

Prescribing Considerations

Homeopathic remedies are prescribed based on homeopathic principles and after a detailed case taking. The prescription recommendations below are provided only as a guide. It is always recommended to consult with a naturopathic doctor or homeopathic practitioner prior to taking any homeopathic remedies, especially if your health is compromised or if your symptoms do not resolve in a timely fashion. The general recommendations for Podophyllum include:[4]

  • Compare: Mandragora - also called mandrake - (must not be confounded with Podophyllum. Great desire to sleep, exaggeration of sounds and enlarged vision. Bowels inactive, stools large, white and hard). Aloe, Chelidonium, Mercurius, Nux vomica, Sulphur. Prunella - Self-heal - (Colitis)


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