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Preventing Recurrence

Recurrence is the process of a cancer that is progressing and is no longer inactive as assessed by laboratory and imaging services as well as patient symptoms such as pain and weight loss. Preventing recurrence involves a process much like plugging the holes in a leaking bucket - there must be an orchestrated effort to stop all forms of leakage and not just one. There must be vigilance to review and revise all strategies in effort to prevent recurrence of any type of cancer. The strategies involved include: 1. stopping neo-angiogenesis or new blood vessel growth to supply a group of newly situated cancer cells with fuel 2. stopping inflammation, the process by which cancer cells invade normal tissue 3. stopping the cell to cell signalling and communications that happen in cancer cell replication 4. strengthening the immune system's T-helper, dendritic, and macrophage cells' activity against abnormal cells 5. promoting normal organ tissue repair and regeneration while inhibiting that of abnormal tissue

Often many targeted cancer therapy drugs work along one or more of these strategies. The good news is that there are also many naturally occurring compounds within foods which also work in the same manner, and may even create a synergisitic effect when combined with targeted drug therapy.