Principles & Practices of Naturopathic Clinical Nutrition

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Author: Jonathan Prousky
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Product Description

Principles & Practices of Naturopathic Clinical Nutrition is at once a college textbook and a clinical reference, designed for students and practitioners of naturopathic, complementary, integrative, and conventional medicine. This is the first text to provide a full, systematic course of instruction in clinical nutrition from a naturopathic medical perspective that develops clinical reasoning skills in this field and promotes lifelong learning. This text can be readily adapted to other educational programs, such as chiropractic, nursing, and osteopathic programs, where clinical nutrition is an integral or adjunctive part of the curriculum. Not only naturopathic doctors but also allied healthcare professionals will find this book to be a practical clinical reference for evaluating patients from a clinical nutritional perspective and for providing reliable treatment information for medical conditions commonly seen in practice. Fully illustrated with more than 1,000 up-to-date references, case studies, and review questions. This book promises to become the standard text and clinical reference in this growing field of study, both in naturopathic and in conventional medical colleges.