Rosacea: Your Self-Help Guide

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Author: Arlen Brownstein, Donna Shoemaker, & Sean O'Laoire
Published: January 30, 2001
Publisher: Harbinger Publications
Number of pages: 170 pages
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Product Description

Andy Warhol, Princess Diana and W.C. Fields all had rosacea. This form of "adult acne," often mistaken for sunburn, blooms on President Clinton's face. Left untreated, the redness becomes more permanent and tiny blood vessels pop up. Bumps and pimples follow, and in advanced cases, the nose becomes a bumpy, swollen mass of tissue. About one in 20 people is affected by rosacea, and the numbers are expected to grow as aging baby-boomers become more susceptible. Despite its conspicious nature, many people haven't heard of rosacea and attribute the symptoms to outdoor activity or heavy drinking. Rosacea can't be cured, but its progression can be arrested through medical treatments and lifestyle modification. Rosacea: Your Self-Help Guide offers a helpful, hopeful integrated plan for fighting the condition.

About the Author

Arlen Brownstein is a naturopathic physician with a masters degree in nutrition. As a sufferer of rosacea he has researched its triggers and treatment for the last decade. Donna Shoemaker is a certified nutritionist practising in Marin County, California.