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The serum copper test is used to measure the amount of copper in the blood. By doing so, it can help to diagnose and monitor Wilson disease as well as help to identify copper deficiencies and excesses.[1], [2]


  • Copper is an essential mineral that the body incorporates into enzymes.
  • In turn, these enzymes play a role in the regulation of iron metabolism, formation of connective tissue, energy production at the cellular level, the creation of melanin, and the function of the nervous system.
  • A total blood copper test is typically ordered along with a ceruloplasmin level.

Patient Preparation

  • Factors which can cause increased levels:
  • Drugs: Carbamazepine, phenobarbital

Clinical Implications

High levels indicate:

Low levels indicate:

  • Copper deficiency
  • excess Zinc supplementation
  • Wilson disease

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