The Healer: A Guide to Spiritual Healing

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Healer Freeman.jpg
Author: Dr. Tamsyn Freeman
Published: April 2011
Publisher: Createspace
Number of pages: 244 pages
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A complete guide for the spiritual healer and student describing in detail the intricacies of healing and disease through the perspective of the Self. Some topics include the 6 disease roots, types of patients and healers, the practical application of effective healing, using different healing tools, true listening and seeing, understanding etheric and subtle energies during interaction, the effects of consciousness on healing, soul level communication, distance healing, teaching and learning, challenges for the healer, achieving proper healing space, and the manifestation of self-healing and Self-realization.

Tamsyn describes her own experiences and lessons in the field inside and outside her practice as a Naturopathic Doctor and healer. The specifics of proper and effective healing described here provide for a unique, supportive and essential guide for any healer, patient or student engaged in the subtle and powerful art of true and effective healing.