The Letters That Moved the World

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Author: Dr. Jason Loken, RMT, ND and Cory Ashley
Published: 2010
Publisher: Self Published [1]
Number of pages:

Product Description:

Imagine this: Someone sends you a letter. It's unique. It's magical. And it holds special meaning because it genuinely comes from their heart. It says that you are appreciated, that you are special, and that you matter very much to them.

Now, think of what would happen if thousands, tens of thousands, even millions of people got a letter like this. Can you envision what life would feel like with everyone knowing that they were very important to someone else, that they mattered? Now picture everyone feeling this at the same time, creating a single focused moment for positive change. Can you imagine the impact on our world?

That's what The Letters that Moved the World proposes. It shows how writing a letter from the heart can start transforming the world to a place where people care about and respect themselves, each other, every nation, and our global environment. And it introduces the celebration of Gratitude Day (G-Day), a day that brings it all into focus.

This book reveals how it is possible, why it is practical, and gives you the opportunity to embrace the reality of how one letter from your heart can move this world... and create so much more.

This book was written with a very specific, and in some ways simple, purpose. It is to start a movement of gratitude in us (the authors), in you, and, ultimately, in the world. You'll get all the whys and wherefores as you read the book; however, in a nutshell, here's the plan:

•Identify folks to whom you want to write a letter of gratitude. (We'll help you figure out who they are. This may turn out to be a most surprising discovery.) •Write and send the letters whenever the spirit moves you. (There are easy processes to assist you in getting clear on writing the letters.) •On a specific day (revealed inside) we will move the world together through the release of a simultaneous message of gratitude. It's as simple as that.

Enjoy the book, enjoy the process, and join us in writing the letters that will move the world.

About the Authors:

DR. JASON LOKEN is a practicing Naturopathic doctor and a professor at The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. A lifelong student of human potential, in addition to his healing practice, Jason has co-created and co-facilitated innovative self-enhancement workshops. He has also produced a website and presents programs designed to change lives by balancing body, mind, emotions, and spirit. The theme of his work is that every life-including YOUR life-matters. When he's not traveling the world learning about other cultures and their health approaches and remedies, Jason lives, practices, and teaches in the Toronto area.

CORI ASHLEY is a visionary who sees a better world then finds ways to bring it about. She has been a student of personal growth and human development for over twenty years. She has designed and facilitated workshops on relaxation, personal enrichment, and self-worth, especially for women and families. Her most recent effort is The Crystal Experience: Bringing clarity and dreams to life. She is also an award-winning composer and performer whose music has been heard by tens of millions of people around the world.