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Articles from the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors' journal "Vital Link" from 2015 to 2019.

Author Title Issue Type
Bender John Treating the Whole Person Then and Now Spring 2019 Vol26(1) Editorial
Hernandez Oscar, Trevorrow Marianne Mental Health Care for Youth and Adolescents who Identify as LGTBQ Spring 2019 Vol26(1) Practice
Marier Denis Stop and Smell the Roses: Avoiding Burnout - Ecopsychology in Clinical Practice Spring 2019 Vol26(1) Practice
MacLellan Nikole, Nelson David Foundational Approaches to Concussion Management Spring 2019 Vol26(1) Research
Campbell Kendra Mania and Psychosis - Recognizing Your Limits Spring 2018 Vol25(2) Practice
Gilbert Cyndi, Malihi Sohail Homeopathy and Acupuncture in the Treatment of PTSD and Fibromyalgia Spring 2018 Vol25(2) Case Review
Duncan Karin, Brignall Matthew Diagnosis and Management of Depression and Anxiety in Cancer Survivors Spring 2018 Vol25(2) Research
Bunzenmeyer Jennifer Anxiety: A Multi-Professional Treatment Approach Spring 2018 Vol25(2) Practice
Daniels Nicole "Why Do I Feel Anxious?" - Naturopathic Approach to Anxiety 2017 Fall Vol24(2) Research
Khamba Beljit Comprehensive Naturopathic Approaches to Women's Health and Mood Disorders: A Case Report 2017 Fall Vol24(2) Case Review
Menen Hanifa Grief and Health Implications: Going Beyond Disease-Focus and Towards Positive Transformation 2017 Fall Vol24(2) Research
Hanion Angela Motor Vehicle Accident and Whiplash: Restoring Head and Neck Function Within the First Eight Weeks 2017 Fall Vol24(2) Case Review
Tanner Sarah Post Concussive Syndrome Following a Motor Vehicle Accident: A Case Report 2017 Fall Vol24(2) Case Review
Saunders Paul Scope of Practice: The Determinants of Possible Change Winter Fall Vol24(3) Editorial
Kind Christopher Prescribing in BC: A Snapshot History Winter Fall Vol24(3) Practice
Lloyd Iva Ontario Regulations - What Has Changed, What's To Come Winter Fall Vol24(3) Practice
Villeneuve Joel Lee Natural Hormone Prescriptive Authority for Naturopathic Doctors: a Discussion Winter Fall Vol24(3) Research
O'Brien Tara, Pricec Allan Naturopathic Doctors; Primary Care Practitioners Managing Thyroid Disease Winter Fall Vol24(3) Research
Hardy Walsh Sarah Stress Effects of Childhood Allergies/Illness on Children and Their Family Members 2017 Spring Vol24(1) Research
Hillier Jennifer Nature Connections and Health: Getting Back to our Roots 2017 Spring Vol24(1) Research
Priolo Alexsia, Gerry Adella, Callas Patrick The Influence of Social Media on Stress and the Role that Gender Plays 2017 Spring Vol24(1) Research
King Sarah, Schreiner Chelsea Balancing Financial, Relationship and Job-Related Stress 2017 Spring Vol24(1) Research
Rivet Quinn, Lescheid David Proton Pump Inhibitors: Their Effect on the Microbiome and Beyond 2016 Fall Vol23(2) Research
Wyse Tiffany Compounding Herbal Medicine for the Treatment of Drug Resistant Bacteria 2016 Fall Vol23(2) Research
Mudry Katelyn Drug-herb Interactions Common to Garlic, Echinacea and St. John's Wort 2016 Fall Vol23(2) Research
Lloyd Iva Naturopathic Notes: Improving Seniors Health and Wellbeing 2016 Spring Vol23(1) Editorial
Roteilla Emily Seniors in Motion; Effectivenss of Tai Chi on Fall Prevention 2016 Spring Vol23(1) Research
Adamiak Dorothy Dysautonomia, Orthostatic Hypotension and Falls in the Elderly' 2016 Spring Vol23(1) Research
Burke-Browman Jessica Polypharmacy; Are Seniors at Risk? 2016 Spring Vol23(1) Research
MacDonald Jennifer The Influence of Age and Stress Related Factors on Hepatic Cytochrome p450 Enzyme Expression and Function 2016 Spring Vol23(1) Research
Chung Katherine Loneliness and Social Isolation as Factors in the Decline of Health in Seniors 2016 Spring Vol23(1) Research
Belus Laura Considerations for Caregivers, Social Support and Cognitive Assessment 2016 Spring Vol23(1) Research
Logan Alan 'Vis Medicatrix Naturae' in the Modern Landscape: Time for a Change in Naturopathic Education and Practice? 2015 Fall/Winter Vol22(3) Editorial
Beauline Tracey, Bretz Kim Modernization, Microbial Ecology and the Loss of Diversity 2015 Fall/Winter Vol22(3) Research
Gilbert Cyndi, Smith Katie Nature Rx: Health Benefits of Spending Time in Nature 2015 Fall/Winter Vol22(3) Research
Lee Melissa, Rothwell Katie Urban Energy: The Effects of Sound and Light Exposure on Sleep and Overall Health 2015 Fall/Winter Vol22(3) Research
Morgenstern Shannon Health Consequences of Living Near Wind Turbines and Solar Panels 2015 Fall/Winter Vol22(3) Research
Mason-Wood Michael What are the Health Effects of Living Near Mobile Phone Base Stations? 2015 Fall/Winter Vol22(3) Research
Fontes, Mark High-Rise Living: Impacts of Living on Higher Floors 2015 Fall/Winter Vol22(3) Research
Gratton Adam Psychological Health Benefits of Social Media Use in Silver Surfers 2015 Summer Vol22(2) Research
Solomonian Leslie, King Carly, WhiteKnight Holl The Effects of Digital Media Use on Childhood Brain Development and Self-Regulation 2015 Summer Vol22(2) Research
Cooper Jacqueline Online Pornography: Problematic Patterns of Usage and Clinical Consequences 2015 Summer Vol22(2) Research
Lloyd Iva Physical-Health Impacts of Prolonged Screen use in Children and Adolescents 2015 Summer Vol22(2) Research
Frank Pamela, Moore Amber, Trowell Stefanie, Winton, Morgan Fertility and Conception: Changes During the Past 30 Years Support the Need for Naturopathic Care 2015 Spring Vol22(1) Research
Yazdandoost Maral, MacDonald Jennifer Changes in Pediatric Health Over the Past 30 Years 2015 Spring Vol22(1) Research
Mokhtari Tannaz, Penney Sarah, Maguire Gayle Considerations in Practice for Treating Adolescent Patients 2015 Spring Vol22(1) Research
Brown Laura, Patel Poonam, Sahula Camille 2015 Review of the Health Status of Canadian Adults 2015 Spring Vol22(1) Research
Lee Melissa, Hornyak Andrea Chronic Disease in Our 'Baby Boomer' Generation 2015 Spring Vol22(1) Research