Abdominal Pain

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Abdominal Pain
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Abdominal Pain
Causes Food Reactions, Stress, Infections
See Also Digestive Conditions, Constipation, Dysbiosis, GERD, Heartburn, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Diverticulitis
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Abdominal pain refers to pain in the abdominal or "belly" region, between the chest and the pelvis. Pain occurring in this region may originate from several different body systems and it is therefore vitally important to work with a naturopathic or medical doctor to ensure a thorough assessment before treating any presenting symptoms. One of the most important differentiations is whether the discomfort is acute or chronic.

Naturopathic Assessment

Causal Factors

In order to stimulate the innate ability of the body to heal the causes of disease must be identified and addressed. Abdominal pain or discomfort is a common symptom associated with a number of conditions. Some specific causes of abdominal pain include:



  • Being stressed while eating can increase the likelihood of having abdominal discomfort.


Common Questions

  • Where is the pain?
  • Point to where you feel the pain
  • What does the pain feel like?
  • Does the pain travel anywhere?
  • How intense is the pain (scale of 1 - 10)?
  • Does anything make the pain better or worse?
  • When did the pain start start?
  • How has it changed since the onset?
  • Does it occur with menstruation?
  • Are you taking any medications?
  • Have you had any recent injuries or surgeries?
  • Are you pregnant?
  • Do you have any other symptoms?

Diagnostic Testing

When abdominal pain is chronic or severe and when dietary changes do not relieve the discomfort the following tests may be indicated:

  • Physical Exam
  • A thorough physical exam including an abdominal exam.
  • Imaging Studies that may be indicated include an Abdominal ultrasound, Radiography, Colonoscopy, ECG

Related Symptoms and Conditions

Abdominal discomfort is commonly associated with the following conditions:

Naturopathic Treatment

The goal of naturopathic treatment is to support and work in tandem with the healing power of the body and to address the causal factors of disease with individual treatment strategies. Once you know the cause of the pain or the underlying condition you will know how to treat it appropriately.

It is always advisable to work with a naturopathic doctor before engaging in any treatment plan.