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Whereas an allopathic approach seeks cure (based on some objective criteria), a naturopathic approach aims for healing which will be based in large part on subjective (the patient's) criteria. Consequently, there will not be a single measure of outcome, but a pattern of healing that includes physical, emotional and social functioning." Christa Louise

Naturopathic doctors are primary health care practitioners. The types of individuals that seek naturopathic care is expanding all the time. Naturopathic physicians recognize that some illnesses are self-limiting, that is they will heal on their own, provided that the body has the nutrients and support that it requires and provided that the factors that disrupted health are addressed.

The aim of naturopathic treatments is to stimulate the healing power of nature and it starts with a practitioner determining where a patient is on the continuum between health and disease. A person's overall state of health and their vitaliy determines the therapeutic order and the naturopathic therapies that are appropriate for each individual.

Healing is a process, not a project. Naturopathic doctors recognize that healing and health often takes time and patience. A quick fix, especially for health issues that developed over time, is seldom the correct path to optimum health. Naturopathic treatments: