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Author Title Journal Type
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Carter Dan A Whole-Foods Diet for Cardiovascular Disease 2012 October;Vol8(10) NDNR [2]
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Lambert Arcoma Gonzalez A Case Study of Endocarditis 2012 October;Vol8(10) NDNR Tolle Totum
Carter Dan Treating Atrial Fibrillation and Decreasing Risk Naturally 2011 October NDNR [4]
Perreault Ester A Long-Term Approach to Cardiovascular Disease 2011 October NDNR [5]
Saunders Paul Calming Atrial Fibrillation, Naturopathic Medicine for a Common Condition 2011 October NDNR [6]
Swanson Mark The Heart of the Matter 2011 October NDNR
Schor Jacob Chocolate and Cardiovascular Disease 2010 October NDNR Vis Medicatrix Naturae
Lambert Arcoma L. Gonzalez A Case Study of Familial Heart Disease 2010 October NDNR [7] Tolle Causam
Schor, Jacob Curcumin and Exercise Together Improve Heart Function April 2013 Natural Medicine [8] Abstracts & Commentary
Kaczor, Tina Calcium and Cardiovascular Risk: The Devil is in the Details April 2013 Natural Medicine [9] Abstracts & Commentary
Schor, Jacob Daily Dried Apples Improve Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Women February 2013 Natural Medicine [10] Abstracts & Commentary
Mackay, Douglas Fish Oil and Heart Disease 2012 November Natural Medicine [11] Abstracts & Commentary
Marshall Keri Fish Oil and Cardiovascular Disease 2012 July Natural Medicine [12] Abstract
Traub Micheal Red Yeast Rice for Cardioprotection 2012 March Natural Medicine [13] Peer-reviewed
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Hudson Tori Specific Applications of Omega 3s for Cardiovascular Disease 2011 November Natural Medicine [14] Peer-reviewed
Toomasi, Christine Long-Term Effects of a Lifestyle Intervention on Weight and Cardiovascular Risk 2011 September Natural Medicine [15] Abstract
Schor Jacob Chocolate Intake and Heart Failure Incidence, Study finds lower risk of heart failure in women who moderately consume chocolate 2011 January Natural Medicine [16] Abstract
Hudson Tori Hibiscus, Hawthorn, and the Heart 2011 July Natural Medicine [17] Peer-reviewed
Schor Jacob Risk of Ischemic Stroke Doubles After a Cup of Coffee 2011 February Natural Medicine [18] Abstract
Hangee-Bauer Carl Acupuncture and Stroke Recovery 2011 January Natural Medicine [19] Abstract
Hudson Tori D-ribose in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Cardiac Disease 2010 February Natural Medicine Nutraceutical Profile
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Saunders Paul Heart Rate Variability: Implications for Clinical Practice 2005 Fall Natural Medicine Cardiovascular