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Author Title Journal Type
Kruzel Thomas Considerations in Evaluating Pulmonary Disease Among the Elderly 2012 October;Vol8(10) NDNR [1] Docere
Hutchison Pamela Age-Related Cognitive Decline 2011 May [2] NDNR Practice
Rojo Lucy, Almaraz Michael A Geriatric Perspective on Type 2 Diabetes 2012 February;Vol8(2) Natural Medicine Practice
Ryan Susan Effects of DHEA and Exercise on Strength and Function in Older, Frail Women 2010 November Natural Medicine [3] Abstract
Austin Steve Probiotics Reduce Duration of the Common Cold in the Elderly 2010 April Natural Medicine [4] Abstract
Weiss S.A. Decker The Effects of Fish Oils on Aging 2010 March Natural Medicine [5] Abstract
Clack Scott Lead in the Elderly: normal aging or premature effects of a heavy metal? 2012 Spring;Vol19(1) Natural Medicine Research
Rebellato Nancy Recognizing, Preventing, and Treating Elder Abuse 2010 Summer;Vol17(2) Natural Medicine
Dronyk Robert Clinical Pearls--Manipulation Considerations for the Elderly 2007 Spring/Summer Vital Link Manipulation, Geriatrics
Farnsworth Gerald Addressing Nocturia in Seniors 2007 Spring/Summer Vital Link Geriatrics
Kendall-Reed Dietary Considerations for Seniors and the Aging Population 2007 Spring/Summer Vital Link Geriatrics
Loken Jason Increasing Lung Capacity for Seniors Through Exercise 2007 Spring/Summer Vital Link Respiratory, Movement